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Sollenberger Classic, Division 1-A and Wiz Khalifa

Mon, Aug 20, 2012 (10:03 a.m.)

Back from Arizona, a heartbroken Ray Brewer recounts the costly mistakes that made Nevada teams go 0-2 in this year's Sollenberger Classic. Fellow Las Vegas Sun sports reporter Case Keefer helps him cope by looking at this week's national showdown between Bishop Gorman and Maryland's Our Lady Of Good Counsel. The two also babble semi-coherently on the rest of the week's games and high school football players' favorite rappers. Don't forget to subscribe to Prep Sports Now on Itunes.

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  1. Good Counsel is as good as Armwood was last year, with just a little less speed.

    Ray you make a good point about travel. I don't think the talent advantage will be outweighed by the travel but we shall see. Regardless of Friday's outcome I hope the boys- with Good Counsel in their rear view and Bergen Catholic up ahead, I hope they don't sleep on St Louis in Hawaii. Nothing more St Louis would love to do than beat Gorman and put Hawaii football back on the map. They're 2-0 against OOS teams so far, albeit Alaska.

    Gorman is a clear underdog, I will lose my voice rooting for them during the game but I don't make predictions based on my feelings. Good Counsel by 10. Would love to be wrong and I hope I am. Our defense will buy us time and keep us in the game but this game will be 100% up to the offensive line play. Gorman's oline will do great against any NV but this is another national power and that's a different beast.

    Guys, did you really think a generation that made Nicki Minaj, Kesha and Rebecca Black millionaires would give you something that sounded decent?

  2. Hope Gorman beats Good Counsel but dont think they will. Hope for a hot night to help us..With our weather, the end of the 3Q will be the time to make a move. Best song to listen to before a game( for this generation in high school) is Nelley "The Champ" The song is about being a team.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words about my son, He has been in beast mode ALL OFF-SEASON!!!

  4. Griggs... it a downer to see him get hurt but glad he eventually made it back on the field. Can't wait to see your boy and the rest of Palo against Liberty in a couple weeks.

  5. Ray, before you automatically punch Cheyenne and Desert Pine's ticket to State, a couple of other teams just might have something to say about that...
    As you have mentioned previously, it's difficult to travel to Moapa Valley and win on their turf, and it's difficult to travel up North in November...
    You both were just talking about altitude in Colorado... so guess what, Truckee sits at 6,050 feet...
    Welcome to Truckee in November...
    Unlucky for Fallon last year, they had to come to Truckee, and Lowry went to Moapa Valley, where the Buckaroos lost to the Pirates.
    Had Fallon had to travel to Moapa Valley, the result "may" have been different, and it could have possibly been an All North Final...
    Truckee still has to go to Fallon this year, and win on their field...
    Some "experts" are picking Fallon to knock off Truckee in Fallon this season, as they played the Wolverines tough, twice last season.
    Come Week 8, the #2 Seed from the South should probably be rooting for Fallon to knock off Truckee in the regular season, so they don't have to travel to "Altitude" come November...
    Truckee has not lost a home playoff game since 2007...

  6. Keith-
    You do understand Brewer and Keefer work for the LAS VEGAS Sun right? Not the Sierra Sun or even the Reno Gazette Journal. They won't be talking much at all about Truckee this season, next, or even the next one. But go ahead and keep on listening and commenting.
    As far as the "experts" picking Fallon to knock off Truckee go, who exactly would that be?
    Maybe you should start a blog where you can talk/write all about Truckee. Maybe even your own podcasts?

  7. blueandgold....while you certainly can't expect Las Vegas media to have intimate knowledge of northern teams and visa versa, i think what Keith is trying to point out is that simply saying "Cheyenne x-y-z- in Div IA" without even mentioning that Truckee has had a lot of success at that level, success against 4A programs (like Moapa has down here) and most importantly above all that they would ahve to travel up north and win semi final to make it to state.

    It would be like the northern preview saying blah blah blag McQueen will be in final without mentioning that they would ahve to beat Gorman/Palo etc.. to get there.

  8. Prime Time! Thats right, Bishop Gorman is on ESPN Prime Time game of the week. Las Vegas should fill the stands and GET LOUD for Vegas Football. UNLV is not going to be prime time. Show some pride for the city. Okay, It Gorman. I know the hate that sullys the words Gorman Gaels. But, is it possible to rally around the city for the Blue and Orange. College scouts will be everywhere all week to see other local players. Guess what, they will be judging these kids on their performance when they play Gorman. So, come out and get loud Friday night. You can hate them again Saturday morning.

  9. Blueandgold,
    You may notice that my comments on the Week 1 Picks states that the Div. I-A State Championship STILL has to go through Moapa Valley and Truckee, since those two teams are the only ones that have won it the last FIVE years, and the Pirates have been in it SIX years in a row...
    Immediately dismissing the Pirates and Wolverines, and automatically calling the Cheyenne at Desert Pine game on Thursday night a preview of the State Championship game is off base, in my opinion.

  10. blueandgold,
    Keith does have a blog that talks about Truckee, its called the Truckee football facebook page!! He does a great job previewing teams in the Division 1-A and talks all about Truckee football. I enjoy going to his website, its very informative and for the most part he gives fair unbiased opinions. And correct me if I'm wrong Keith, but aren't you the radio guy for Truckee football too? The only thing he doesn't have is his own podcast, but that might be in the works too!!!
    Brewer has always had a thing for Cheyenne, or "Chey Town!!" as he calls them, even when they were in the 4A. So the love affair that he has with picking Cheyenne as the favorite is not a surprise.
    Personally, I love all the chatter about the new Division 1-A and high school football in general. These last couple of years are the only time that small schools have gotten any recognition by the media. Keith, keep doing your thing with Truckee football. Ray and Case, keep doing your thing with covering high school sports. Theres also a Moapa Valley football facebook page, so whoever does that, keep it up!!

  11. Mr Griggs your son played well. He's going to have a great year. However, he's going to need some help, and I'm not sure Palo has the talent in the trenches it usually has. But I do expect them to improve from the last game.

    Cheyenne looked pretty good at Liberty scrimmage this past weekend. Liberty has some improving to do, but we'll get there. (still handled Cheyenne) Legacy is a mess. Understand DP looked the best over at Del Sol, Silverado had no size, not real competitive. I'm going to go with DP over Cheyenne in a close one based on what I've seen and heard. Coronado handled CM and PahV easily. CM also seems headed for a long season. And the word is CS handled AV fairly easy, w Eldog struggling. Foothill had no trouble w Faith.

    Tuasdad, I believe this GC team is actually faster than Armwood was. I'm with you, I don't think BG O-line can match up and GC defense is really something. I have GC 28-13. If BG can finish drives and not fgs then maybe a closer game. In BG past OOS games they protected the ball well, but I have a feeling there may be a crucial turnover or two this time. But that's why we play the games, anything can happen and it would not surprise me if BG pulled it off.

  12. BG OOS schedule is a little tougher than I thought. Just read on maxpreps where St Louis HI has two kids headed to Tennessee, a huge 4star lineman and big LB. Also another big lineman leaning towards Ariz St. These first 2 games are going to be really tough physical test for BG new O-line. But it should make them better as long as they come out of it injury free.

    It's great to be talking local football.

  13. Keefer, your right. BG O-line is not nearly as athletic. Very slow also. LB is big problem for them as well. Also slow and unathletic. Secondary has a couple of weak spots too. Its going to be tough. GC has an unbelievable defense. Big D-line, best LBs in the country, and top Db in the nation. BG will keep it close, but I think there will be a key turnover or two by BG. I predict GC 28-13. But these are the type of games that should make BG O-line get better.

  14. lvfootball, GC defense is absolutely loaded. I've said all along that Solomon is very good but he's had a massive line. I felt that Powell always performed his best in big games (DLS, Armwood, Servite) and Solomon so far has been sub par (for his standards) if you looks at most OOS games. For that reason this will be a huge game for him to show what he's got. I hope Sanchez keeps the boys focused but with Good Counsel in the rear view and knowing nationally relevant/ranked Servite and Bergen Catholic are up ahead I can see them forgetting about St. Louis being a solid team. Hawaii HSFB has always been short on speed and good QB's and that will be our advantage, speed. I hope the boys don't go down there expecting a cake walk because it wont be.

    As for the Cheyenne thing here's the deal. They don't belong in Div 1A. They can beat or compete with most in Div 1. But they are. They are clearly most talented and loaded team-by far in Div IA. However many a more talented and athletic team has had to travel north only to lose. Ask Vegas, Palo, Moapa and Liberty.

    The fact that there isn't even a mention of Truckee/Moapa dominance AND ability to compete and beat 4A schools is what kills me. Moapa whooped Del Sol at home last year. They lost to Legacy by 3 points.. Cheyenne lost to Legacy by 2. Cheyenne is a clearly talented team but to do a whole piece on them being the favorites without even a mention of oh by the way they'll likely have to beat Truckee and Moapa and do the first up north seems wrong.

    On paper Cheyenne has the speed, talent and numbers to beat everyone in Div IA. But games aren't played on paper.

    Truckee and Moapa have 1/3 the enrollment of most of the new Div IA schools, Cheyenne not nearly the D1 talent and a lot, a lot less speed but they will have a very good chance of beating Cheyenne because they have football PROGRAMS. They build, they have community support, pride and discipline. No disrespect to Cheyenne and what they do but there's a reason Moapa and Truckee have consistently faired well against upper division schools.

    If it's Cheyenne vs Truckee in Vegas, i'd put my money on Cheyenne. The numbers and speed is a lot to make up. If they're playing up north, as likely they will, i give Truckee the odds to win. Cheyenne hasn't had to play a program like them or travel that far or play in that weather. It'll be a lot for those kids to make up, specially if they go up there expecting a cake walk with their heads blown up because everything they read fails to mention why winning a Div IA title will hold some weight and be meaningful- because you'll have to win against good programs and win far far away from home in order to do it.

  15. Keefer, your right. BG O-line is not nearly as athletic. Very slow also. LB is big problem for them as well. Also slow and unathletic. Secondary has a couple of weak spots too. Its going to be tough. GC has an unbelievable defense. Big D-line, best LBs in the country, and top Db in the nation. BG will keep it close, but I think there will be a key turnover or two by BG. I predict GC 28-13. But these are the type of games that should make BG O-line get better.

    DP will beat Cheyenne 21-14. Eric Wilkes will outrush Milo. Wilkes will have 150-180 yds. DP was much better in this past weekends scrimmages. Cheyenne looked bad at camp this summer. Looked better at Liberty scrimmage, but not that much better. Faith will have trouble, their QB is suspended the first few games. Sunrise will win, Moapa will breeze by, and BC will win a very close game over Mojave. Chap is a little better and game should be competitive but SV should win but it will be a good game.

  16. I'm quite surprised from a Maryland Newspaper:

    The Gazette sports staff picks the winners for all games involving Montgomery County football teams.
    Here is this week's selection:
    Jennifer Beekman, Bishop Gorman
    Nick Cammarota, Bishop Gorman
    Seth Elkin, Good Counsel
    Dan Feldman, Good Counsel
    Travis Mewhirter, Bishop Gorman
    James Peters, Good Counsel
    Ken Sain, Good Counsel
    Kent Zakour, Good Counsel

  17. Tuasdad, I think BG just lost a couple of big advantages. 1) The weather. Last year the game was played at about 106 degrees with Armwood stuck in the sun til mid 3rd qtr. With this rain its doubtful it will be any hotter than mid to high 90s. 2) Last year Armwood got delayed on their flight and didn't get in their rooms til around 1:00 am the night before the game. Good Council arrived early today, 2 days before the game. That shows the difference between private and public schools. (Armwood is a public school). And last, GC star players aren't hurt.

  18. tuasdad,
    Yes, I do play by play for the Wolverines, on:
    101.5 FM, and streaming LIVE on

    The Wolverines open at home on Sept. 1, against Lowry, last year's semi-finalist that lost at Moapa Valley, sending the Pirates to the Championship game.

    I have also filmed for Truckee Football for several years, before moving into the broadcast booth.
    If Truckee is playing at home on a Saturday afternoon , (we do not have lights), you will usually find me at another game on Friday night, filming...
    Let the games begin...