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Projecting the rest of the playoffs

Mon, Nov 5, 2012 (1:09 p.m.)

Bishop Gorman vs. Palo Verde. Arbor View vs. Centennial. The start of the Sunrise region playoffs. The semifinals of the Division 1A playoffs. It's a packed week of high school football for Las Vegas Sun sports reporters Ray Brewer and Case Keefer to break down on this episode of Prep Sports Now.

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  1. Ray Ray Ray-
    As they say on ESPN...C'MON MAN! Here you go with your athlete talk again. Not sure if you even saw the game but ANYONE who actually saw the game would HANDS DOWN tell you that #29 Kasen Hughes was THE best ATHLETE and FOOTBALL PLAYER on the field. Multiple times HE RAN AWAY from every player wearing orange and green. Flannigan...he ran away from. Murphy...he ran away from. Name any Mojave player...he ran away from. Not just 10 yard touchdowns, try 47 and 43. He was faster, stronger, and THE best football player and athlete on the field. 16 carries for 193 yards and 3 touchdowns. Add in his 10+ tackles on defense.
    You know what Mojave's running game, which averaged 261 yards per game did...18 yds TOTAL! 29 carries for 18 yards. Flannigan averaged 110/game, he had 12 for 27, Arave averaged 75/game, he had 10 for -8! Just to mention a couple!
    Moapa's pass defense was bad. But really...let's look at how mojave scored.
    #1 - Nice pass from Arave to Hines...totally blown coverage. Missed assignment.
    #2 - Moapa snap over the punter's head. Mojave recovered at the 5 and scored on 4th down.
    #3 - Nice Arave run. Kid is a stud.
    #4 - Ball literally goes through Moapa's db's hands and bounces of facemask into Mojave's receiver's hands. No joke.
    #5 - Nice back and forth kick return.
    Mojave was a good team, and yes they played longer than most teams did against Moapa. But make no mistake, Moapa let them hang around. They fumbled the ball to Mojave. Moapa missed a wide open receiver in the end zone that ended up as an interception. Add in the before mentioned blown pass coverage, bad punt snap, and bad kickoff coverage.
    Congrats to Mojave on a great year and a promising future.
    Here's a proposal for you Ray. Come to the ONLY semifinal game in Southern Nevada this week. I'll buy you lunch. Just use that $25 you owe Case for the gas. Then you can see the game. Case you are welcome as well and lunch is on me.
    Moapa can't make the same mistakes and expect to win. Continue to run the ball well, cut out the fumbles, tighten up the pass coverage, fix the kickoff coverage team and Moapa will be playing at Bishop Gorman for their 7th consecutive state championship.
    Regardless...GO PIRATES!

  2. Fact check:
    Mountain View plays at home and also Alamo for other Southern Nevada semifinals.
    Come out anyway.

  3. Ray and Case,
    As is the case every year, if two teams from one Region make it to the State Game, the Game is played in that Region.
    If Lowry can somehow manage to pull the upset over Moapa Valley, and Truckee can somehow manage to contain #1 of Cheyenne, and somehow manage to be competitive against Cheyenne's HUGE Linemen, and win, then the game would be moved to the North.
    Likewise, next year, should Moapa Valley and Cheyenne make it to State, when it is scheduled to be played in Reno, it would be moved back down South.

  4. The game wont be close but they still hate each other enough to make it fun. It always will be.

    The reason it may not seem that big is obviously because of the late domination by Gorman and also because finally other schools are getting fan, school and community support. The obvious from last year Liberty, Arbor now Centennial, Green Valley getting ton of support. Coronado seems to be in the state tournament for everything. Green Valley and Coronado are like the east side equivalent of Gorman/Palo and are dominating a ton of sports.

    Unfortunately if the last 3 years are any indication Rost will take very few chances and will be happier to try to keep the score respectable rather than try to actually win.

    I don't think anyone was mad at Shadow Ridge for doing what they did. I give them a ton of credit. They were realistic, their coaches did the best thing they could do and gave them every chance to be in the game. Bakari Smith was awesome and better than advertised.

    I wish I could be in Truckee to see what happens when a good, athletic team from the south with an absolute stud travels to play a very disciplined much more experienced and well run program in really crappy weather.

    I'm glad the Div IA game will be played at 1800 hours so I'll finally get to see Moapa in person. Whether it is Truckee or Cheyenne vs Moapa it will be a very interesting game to watch. I'm rooting for Truckee so that the Div IA teams realize that getting dropped to a lower division with schools that have 1/3 the enrollment does not mean easy pickings.

  5. Gee whiz Ray... You're becoming the epitome of a fair weather fan. I think we can all agree that Mojave played well Friday night but, as LTG pointed out, most of their scores came from Pirate mistakes. Now, I want to be clear, I am not taking anything away from Mojave because they still had to capitalize on those mistakes. I also take my hat off to their passing game since it worked quite well against our kids. We saw this potential in the Faith Lutheran game when their team had good success with the pass. However, Coach Lewis doesn't go to championship games every year by missing holes in his defense multiple weeks in a row.

    Lowry looks to be a very good team this year, as they were last year. I'm hoping our kids come out on top this year. But, at a minimum, it should be a very good game!

  6. Blueandgold, why is it when someone finally shows up to play against Moapa, and shows no signs of intimidation, it's that Moapa made mistakes or didnt play to their potential, why can it not simply be that Mojave came to play football and gave Moapa everything they could handle!? You are absolutely correct, the Mojave running game did not work that well, so they went to the passing game, but how do we know that is not what they planned to do in the first place? History shows that Moapas defensive backs are sometimes suspect, which was why Mojave threw for almost 300yds on them. Moapa made mistakes, perhaps it was due to the fact they couldnt handle the pressure from someone actually forcing them to play 4 whole quarters.....ever think of that?

  7. Correction: mvp_p,
    Actually, it was BlueAndGold that pointed out all the details of the Mojave at Moapa Valley game, and the scoring scenarios.

    I have not yet seen Moapa Valley play this season, only "highlight reels". I have not seen Mojave play, but have followed their season in the press.
    I say, "hats off" to Mojave, for being within one score of Moapa Valley this season.

    Every team "can" have an "off night/day".

    Since "most" high schools in Div. I & I-A run the ball, it's easy to see how teams can be vulnerable to the passing game, when they don't see it on a regular basis.
    That is why a team like South Tahoe can have "moderate success", (5-4 in League), by being a passing team.
    Their QB had over 3,000 yards this season, and over 30 TD passes, (and only 3 INT's going into the Truckee game). He and his excellent receiving Corps lit up Truckee's Defense for FOUR TD's in the first one and one half quarters. (The most points scored on Truckee in 4 years.)
    Truckee's Def. Coordinator adjusted, and the final score ended up being 63-28. (It was 49-28 at half time, and Truckee intercepted their QB TWICE.)

    Take the two "Fernley at Truckee" games.
    The first one was scoreless until less than 2 minutes to go in the game, Fernley won, 7-0. (Hats off to Fernley. They played VERY Well.)
    Truckee had 3 turnovers, and Fernley had 0.

    The second game, this past Saturday, Truckee forced 3 turnovers in the first half, and scored 40 unanswered points, after Fernley had taken a 7-0 lead. Final score was Truckee, 47-13.

    As they say, "That's why they play the games".

  8. Here is a weather update for the game in Truckee..

    A significant pattern change in the weather is expected the second half of the work week, according to a special weather statement from NWS, bringing the potential for "strong winds, much colder temperatures and chances for snow in the Sierra and Western Nevada."

    A strong cold front will push through the region Thursday, with temperatures dropping to 10 to 15 degrees below normal starting Friday and continuing through the weekend. According to NWS, a low temperature of 18 is scheduled Friday in Truckee, and 10 degrees for Saturday night.

    Snow is expected for the Sierra and Northeast California Thursday and Thursday night, with a potential for snow spreading into Western Nevada Friday and Saturday, according to NWS; snow accumulations are uncertain at this time.

    To all the parents coming from Vegas to watch the game. If you do not have four wheel drive, please bring chains you will need it. Also please dress warm, the high in Truckee on Saturday will be in the low 20's and possible teens. Last thing we want to see is anyone getting hypothermia. Here's to a good game and no injuries.. Drive safe..

  9. blueandgold if Moapa is as good as you say,why was Mojave in the game. If they are as good as you claim, it should have been a blow out. Mojave was faster period. #29 was a stud, he ran up the middle hard and effectively,. He gets all the credit, but you are making excuses. Mojave played well because they are a good team. You can make excuses up all you want. We lost and we make no excuses and give them all the credit.
    But I tell you what, since you guys are so bad and you think you are the only team in Southern Nevada that knows how to play football, come to Mojave next year. The schedule is not set yet, If your coach thinks it was luck and we are a sorry team, then tell him to bring the team on down. We came to your house, will you come to ours, or make excuses.

  10. 1FootballFan-
    The team that handled the pressure won the game. If you had seen every Moapa game this year then you would know that Moapa didn't play as well as they had in previous games. Mojave's talent was definitely a reason why. Execution was also another reason why. Not sure if you saw the game but Mojave ran the ball 5 out of their first 6 plays on offense. I would call that trying to establish the run, as you said, in the fist place. Then when the run wasn't getting them anywhere they started throwing. And they threw well. What other plan can you have as a coach? If the run doesn't work you try throwing. If your throwing is bad you have to try running. Moapa's pass defense was poor. No arguing that. Mojave's quarterback is a stud, as I mentioned in my first post. Mojave made good plays and capitalized on some mistakes. Moapa won't be able to make similar mistakes and come away with the victory this weekend. As I mentioned in my first post, the future is bright for Mojave. And 230 yards isn't almost 300. Still, 230 is too much. Can't give up that many this weekend and expect to win.

    I do not work for Moapa Valley High School and in now way am I involved with their football program. I am a Fan. That's it. That's why I don't say, "we won", or "we lost". It's them. I have no scheduling power. Write a letter to the school or football program expressing your desires. Heck, call em up.
    As for a future game it may end up on the schedule. Since both teams are Div IA some crossover between leagues does occur. Moapa played Western, Clark, Pahrump, and Faith this season. Maybe next year it will be Mojave.
    There are plenty of programs in Southern Nevada that know how to coach and play football. Mojave was one of those programs this year. Mojave came to Moapa because they made the playoffs, not because they agreed upon a scheduled game. Maybe both will meet in the playoffs again next year.
    Call what happened "excuses" if you'd like. Mojave took advantage of mistakes. I'm not saying they didn't. They capitalized. They made plays. Moapa made mistakes that kept Mojave in the game. Guarantee that Moapa's coaches don't think Mojave is a sorry team and don't think anything was luck. Mojave's team was good this season and had a good year. I also guarantee you that Moapa's coaches won't spend one second this week worrying about any past games or opponents. Their attention is 100% on Lowry.

  11. I wish we could see the teams from up north play. Playing on the road against a good team in bad weather is not good. Look at the Buffalo Bills in the 90's. Beating them on that turf in the winter was almost impossible for teams that didn't play in the conditions on a regular. If I were a team in the North I would never put a roof over my field. It is an advantage and I would keep it.

  12. FYI, for those of you interested in listening to the Cheyenne at Truckee game, it Will Be Broadcast LIVE, on

    You can also listen LIVE on your Smart Phone.
    Go to Apps, Search for "TuneInRadio", it is a FREE download.
    Once you have done that, Search for KTKE..."Click" and you will be listening to the LIVE internet stream.
    If you are listening in the stands, it has about a 6 second delay, so you will get the "instant replay" of what you just saw, but you will also get updates from Lowry at Moapa Valley, as we receive them, as well as game analysis, etc.
    It should be a Good One...

  13. When Moapa Valley brings 7 or 8 guys every play and you have one on one coverage on the WRs of course you can throw on them. You actually have to catch the ball at that point which for high school kids isn't a given.

  14. Update on Truckee weather for Kickoff. High of 32 low of 2 snow showers are in the forecast for Saturday. Snow coming in Thursday through Friday snow levels 3,000 feet snow accumulations 4 inches to upwards of a foot of new snow. Heaters on the sidelines for the visiting team might be necessary.

  15. Hey blueandgold: I gave Mr. Hughes plenty of props last week:

    Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. We are debating driving in for Saturday's game! Maybe see you this weekend.

  16. Is there nobody going to Truckee from the Sun? Palo/Moapa got followed to AZ, Gorman to CA c'mon get your parka and convince the bosses to give you gas money. Chey-town might get a whole 6 fans up north they need all the support they can get from the south.

  17. Sounds like there are a couple bitter Mojave fans!! Yikes!!
    Moapa vs. Lowry should be a low scoring close game. Lowry is more of a running team, but they have a small athletic quarterback just like Mojave did so we will see how Moapa's defense handles him. Lowry is on a 9 game winning streak with 8 blowout wins and 1 semi close game they won by 14. So in other words, they are on a roll. I'm thinking Moapa will win by single digits.

    Cheyenne vs Truckee could go one of 2 ways. Cheyenne might get overwhelmed by the travel, weather, elevation, environment (they don't call it Surprise Stadium for nothing, TNT)etc. and Truckee will blow them out. Or, Cheyenne's speed and size will overpower the smaller Truckee team (Truckee has no one over 200 lbs on their Offensive and Defensive lines) and Lewis will break off some big runs which will keep the game close. Either way, I think Truckee will prevail.

  18. FYI:
    There is a volunteer party of students and parents being organized to remove the snow from the football field.
    I will be in contact with them, to hopefully make sure the visitors area is also attended to, and the metal bleachers are cleared of Snow, and wiped dry before game time.
    I would suggest seat cushions or blankets be brought to place on the metal bleachers, for added warmth and comfort.
    This may be hard to believe, but Dry Snow, is actually more comfortable than sitting in the RAIN.
    Temps should be cold enough to assure a "dry snow".
    Ray, Sylas Wright of "The Sierra Sun" does an excellent job covering Truckee and North Lake Tahoe Sports, for the local papers up here.
    Perhaps the "Sun" can contact him, and you could use his story as a "stringer".
    Of course the "RGJ" will also be here.

    Listen LIVE on 101.5 FM,
    We try to NOT sound too much like "Homer Announcers"....and will make every effort to have a good "call"...

  19. Oh, I forgot to mention.... No, that's not like a "dry heat"....

  20. sportsarefun I'm not bitter , I dont like that people have an excuse for Mojave playing well instead of saying they played well. It always comes with an excuse. We never win , the other teams always makes mistakes, we don't play hard, the other teams let us stay in the game, that's crap!

    laketahoeguy...dry snow? wow, Cheyenne is in for a battle before they even step on the field. How many guys from Truckee come out with no sleeves on. Tuff kids. I'm a weather wimp, I wouldn't make it.

    Is it true that Lowery has lost to Moapa 4 times in a row in the playoffs? I bet they don't sell too many pirate costumes up there. That's the stuff nightmares are made of.

    I am actually pulling for Cheyenne and Moapa. Good luck to both teams.

  21. coachearl I wouldn't take anything said here personal. Mojave had a great season. You guys played them the best of any school they played in Nevada. With Cheyenne losing Lewis this year and Faith losing Farmer you guys are probably going to take over the Sunset next year. Be thank full of having a great season and look forward to more to come.

  22. CoachEarl The weather this weekend will be very very bitter cold high in the low 20's with snow showers during the game.. Even though we live here we get cold too..

  23. @coachearl, could you please remind us the scores of Mojave vs Boulder City and Virgin, and remind us of the scores Moapa vs Boulder and Virgin. Now would you say teams have off nights? Moapa had an off night and Mojave made the most of it. And enough about Moapa playing at Mojave... We all know Moapa would schedule almost anyone, but they can't get certain teams to play them for fear of losing to an "inferior" school.

  24. High Temperature Today in Truckee was 48.
    Three Coaches still in shorts at practice this afternoon, including Head Coach Shaffer.
    Expecting single digits on Friday and Saturday nights...

  25. moapaAlum05 I hear Gorman has open dates next year. Grab one before they are gone.

  26. Haha @lrddrkhlmt, almost anyone. Thanks for stating the obvious smartalic comment, there's always "that one guy" that thinks he's funny.

  27. Yes we lost to teams that Moapa beat, that means nothing, look at the NY Giants, they don't get hot till the end of the season and lost to teams early.
    I am not saying that Moapa is scared of anyone,and I don't believe you are an inferior program. We are not an inferior program either. Now what I said was if you really think it was luck that we played a close game and if you really think we are a sorry team, then come to Mojave next year. You wont have any problems getting that game.
    I don't want to here excuses. You had a bad night, we gave you just as many opportunities as you gave us. Moapa had a bad snap that helped Mojave, but you don't talk about the bad snap on our punt that put you in scoring position. Moapa missed open receivers, so what, so did Mojave, but you never heard me say, they only won because we had an off night or we gave them the game. I said Moapa was a good team and congrats to them on the victory. Don't insult us. So I will say it again, if you think it was luck or that we are a sorry team, come to Mojave next year. Come down here and show us how you play when you don't have a off game.

  28. What? Me? Smartalic? Never! I think everyone in the state should have to play the University of Gorman at least once.

    Question Earl? How many kids is Mojave bring back next year? Like everyone? Moapa is losing most of their team so your argument is of course flawed. Oh and by the way, if the NIAA shifts the out of conference games then you might get Moapa next year. You can only hope I guess.

  29. Piggybacking on what lrddrkhlmt said, but without the sass, there is truth that this match up next year will mean absolutely nothing in terms of what happened last Friday night. It will be the same play but different cast for each team therefore wouldn't really tell us if this years close game was Mojave playing great or Moapa having an off night.

    I see both sides of the argument. I feel for coachearl because it sucks when nobody gives your team credit. Even if Moapa had a down night (which I personally think is obvious) Mojave still had to go out and do their thing and get it done which they did for the most part. An example of a better team having a bad night but the underdog not going out and getting it done like Mojave did would be Palo vs Gorman last year. Several turnovers and over 100 yards in penalties and Palo only managed 7 points. Even if the "better" team has a bad night, the other team still has to make plays and make things happen on their own.

    I get the feeling this game will be referenced for years to come in the IA argument. Which like we've all said that the debate and speculation is what makes it fun.

  30. Picture of Today's Conditions at Practice in Truckee, and yes, the Line Coach is STILL wearing Shorts....

  31. laketahoeguy I looked at the picture, thats dedication. I would have called practice, thats a storm. You have to understand, I am a weather wimp, I grew up in sunny(smoggy) Southern Cal. Now i'm in Lost Wages (Las Vegas) it gets too cold for me here.
    They look like they are ready to crunch something.

    Yes everyone is right, playing Moapa next year would mean nothing, it would not erase this season. So I'm going to leave it alone and move on.

  32. Cheyenne at Truckee Game Preview: