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Gorman, Liberty and....Coronado? Previewing the semifinals

Mon, Nov 19, 2012 (1:32 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun sports reporters Ray Brewer and Case Keefer expected Bishop Gorman and Liberty to be in this position, one game away from the state championship on Thanksgiving weekend. Coronado comes as the season's surprise. Brewer and Keefer discuss whether the Cougars can take it a step further and everything else concerning the state semifinals.

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  1. lol 3.5 teams left.

    I noted the former players with the motivation to and from the field/locker room for Truckee. That coupled with the fans, the community support overall was awesome to see. I really wish more schools in the south had that same pride in community and school. Most alums in town could care less once they leave, the fact Truckee had some that actually traveled down in support is amazing. Moapa had a great crowd as well it was fun. Regardless of outcome, I loved the atmosphere kudos to both schools.

    C'mon Ray you gotta let the kids rush the field.

    Ditched Lake Tahoe guy for lunch but had dinner with Coronado folk? Oh boy, the north has more reason to hate you now! Keith, i'll buy you a hot dog and hot chocolate at Reed on behalf of Ray and his no call/no show.

    You can have a really solid team without a single Div I guy like Coronado and beat a good team like Liberty with a couple Div I guys. You can't compete with teams that have 6-10-12 Div I players when you have none but having a couple Div I players doesn't guarantee anything. Albeit Liberty is not just a team with a couple Div I guys, their a good program with plenty of contributors. Should be an excellent game.

    Reed is soft this year, softer than last year. Not their fault but they had to beat 3 teams (combined record 16-11), two of which barely had a winning record to make the semi final. At least unlike last year they don't get a ticket to the final. Last years Reed could not have beaten Palo, Foothill or Liberty (sunrise/sunset finalist).

    This year from the sunset alone Centennial, Palo, Arbor would smoke them, smoke not beat. Canyon, Basic, Coronado, Liberty and maybe even Moapa would beat them. They wouldn't even make it to the Div IA title game or even the Sunrise or Sunset final.

    Northern football was definitely down this year and on top of it hardly anyone was consistent. There's been times and there will be times again when the north will have the absolute best team in the state but this year is the opposite. I've been dreading this week for months because of the crying that the north parents will do. I really wish anyone other than Gorman was going up north. The last legit team Reno sent to state was 2010 McQueen that had they not lost 3 starters to injury during their war against Liberty would have at least made it a game in the final. 2010 McQueen was head and shoulders above this and last year's Reed. But the parents will have an excuse to cry.

    Liberty is good and has a lot greater potential than they've shown at times this season. Letting Palo back in the game when they had them beat, close games to Canyon, Basic and Coro..doesn't mean they're not able to compete with Gorman or aren't clearly more talented than Coronado... but it doesn't raise confidence when they're having close calls, specially at home when they have such obvious talent on their roster.

  2. No hate from me...
    I am glad that Ray finally actually had a chance to see what Truckee Football is about...and appreciate Ray calling them at least a Top 5 team in the State...
    A number of us up north have been trying to get that across for years, that they can play with most of the teams in the State, Bishop Gorman being the exception of course. I have said that Bishop Gorman would beat most JuCo's...
    #20 is Zak Pettit, and I believe he is absolutely one of the best D Ends in the State, regardless of classification... He is 6'4, 235 lbs. and outran EVERYONE on that 80 yard TD catch and run...
    He had 3 Sacks in the game, multiple tackles, a tipped ball at the line of scrimmage, and pressure in the Pirates' backfield all night...
    Ray, thanks for also noticing that Truckee is probably better than Reed this year, I agree.
    No question in my mind, Cheyenne beats Moapa Valley as well, as Cheyenne is very good against the run, as is Truckee.
    End of Part One

  3. Part Two:
    A couple of Cheyenne's Coaches were at the game, as they certanily wanted to see how they would have fared against Moapa Valley....I had a chance to talk with them in the parking lot after the game while they were talking to one of our 'D' Coaches. (Tremendous respect between Cheyenne and Truckee, both ways.)
    Cheyenne's goal is to again be a #1 Seed in the Sunset, so they get the #2 Seed from the North on their turf next year. I will go ahead and say it, the 2013 Football Season begins NOW.

    I told everyone up here, that we would be just fine against Moapa Valley, as they are a run team.
    Our Coaching staff was definitely more worried about Cheyenne, before the Semi Final game, than they were about Moapa Valley.
    Don't take that the wrong way, they still had concerns about the Pirates, but Cheyenne was bigger, more physical, and Truckee had never played them before...
    Cheyenne was more difficult to prepare for than a Moapa Valley team that Truckee had played for several years in a row.
    Personally, I believe that first drive from Moapa Valley was so successful, because they actually threw the ball a number of times. Truckee was also wary of the "double pass", that they had used against Lowry, or even a HB option pass they have shown before. The DB's were playing off the receivers, and the Pirates were able to complete the 7-10 yard passes, mixing with some runs, to sustain that long drive.
    The Pirates were able to have decent success against Truckee's run game, so Coach Shaffer opened up with 4 and 5 WR sets, which Moapa was not able to contain.
    QB Erik Holmer, #4, was threading the needle, had 4 TD passes, and at one point, had NINE straight completions.
    As Coach Lewis said, #18, Graham Christian was all over the place... (and often in their backfield making tackles for a loss.) He played with a dislocated shoulder, that had actually been knocked out twice in the second Fernley game.
    He had it knocked out again against Cheyenne, and agains on Sat. night against Moapa. He went to the sideline, had it put back in, and came back in the game and continued to make plays...
    For the record Ray, I didn't call you Sat. night to boast, I believe I opend with, "So Ray, what do you think about Truckee now that you have seen them play?"
    I will also let you off the hook about lunch on Sunday, as that was merely an offer to possibly meet up, if it fit in your schedule.... however, you could have called... <grin>

  4. Ray... gotta let the kids storm the field after big wins. Its just plan fun!

    Reed will get stomped, but I'll say it again, the North only has to play Gorman once a year, we got them all year every year. I think the complaining should come from the South.

    Truckee is an elite program and proved it. They might be the best team in the North this year.

  5. Off topic but was looking back at my pre-season predictions and found this gem:

    By PublicSchoolParentAug. 13, 20121:06 p.m.
    You are very much incorrect if you think in the NW that Arbor View will finish first. In fact, they will come in behind Palo and Durango. And Shadow Ridge will not even get a breath of playoffs, finishing behind Spring Valley and Sierra Vista

    I was wrong on many things, Foothill, Coronado and Cheyenne but it was funny being right on this one.

  6. Paul Seven. I would rethink your thoughts on the 2010 McQueen team. If you recall McQueen lost 1 game in 2010 prior to the playoffs, 28-7 loss to Reed. Don't get so up on a team because they beat Liberty. Yes, Reed and McQueen don't stand a chance against Gorman and the Fertitta funds. We need you to evalute a team based of the season, not off of how bad they lose to Gorman. Since Gorman beats everyone in Vegas as well as up north, maybe your logic is just a bit off.

    2008 McQueen, 2009 and 2011 Reed were much better than 2010 McQueen. Watch a few North games then actually have an opinion.

  7. Donmex, I appreciate the input. We don't get a lot of chatter from northern folks outside of Lake Tahoe Guy...i've wondered for years why we don't get more north/south regular season games or even state top 10 rankings like we used to. I wish you would have joined us earlier in the season, nothing makes the discussion better and more fun to speculate than differing opinions. We could always use more northern insight.

    Unfortunately your north team don't put much film out, so any ignorance of mine wouldn not be willful but only a product of basing my opinions on the few games I get to see in person and the fewer that I get to see on film that make their way down south. Outside of that it's analizing results and performances on paper.

    I said McQueen 2010 was better than 2011 or 2012 Reed, and I stand by that opinion. 2008 McQueen was one of the best teams of the last decade, clearly better than anything the north has sent since. You are more than welcome to disagree. I think Reeds excellent kicker, qb and good receiving core last season made them shine above the rest, none of which (including 10-0 Carson) were very good.

    While Reed did beat McQueen that 2010 they also had ugly losses to Manogue and Carson which McQueen beat handidly, which while A beat B and B beat C doesn't always mean A can beat C in HSFB, that combined with McQueen's performances against both Liberty and Gorman had me rate them where I do...above the last two years worth of Reed Raiders.

    The Gorman result comparison is just one thing, while McQueen kept it closer, they were also down 3 starters but also Gorman sat Solomon out for the first quarter and used a backup QB due to disciplinary reasons. But again the game against Gorman isn't my only decision in my opinion.

    As for 2009 Reed being better than 2010 McQueen, I could agree with that.

    As for watching a few north games before having an opinion, no worries I do. I will have an opinion whether I do or not as opinions are always right, they're just opinions. There's years I dont make it up to Reno to see some games and can't really comment but the last few I have and therefore feel comfortable doing so.

    While I have you, best McQueen team since 2000? I give it to 2000 McQueen; followed by 2008 and then 2002 yourself?

  8. **as opinions AREN'T always right