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Thoughts on realignment, Centennial's challenge and Green Valley's latest romp

Mon, Oct 15, 2012 (2:35 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun sports reporters Ray Brewer and Case Keefer touch on every high school football team in the valley and more on this week's episode. The topics, rants and disagreements are at an all-time high, so brace your ears and get ready to take sides.

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  1. The realignment was supposed to help, not necessarily fix everything. Is it perfect? No, not even close, but it is a lot better than in years past.

    I think we all agree football, for safety reasons, should have been classified by themselves. Probably most annoying would be keeping the SE/NE/NW/SW league names when geographically it's so far off. Change the names for the love of god, call them #1-4 or A-D not SE/NE/SW/NW etc..

    Amen to Keefer in saying "There's no real accomplishment in making the playoffs because almost everyone makes it" this is true to a degree. It's society today. Toss it in the same group as banning dodge ball. Not everybody can win, that's life. The fact that we have barely 100 schools in all of Nevada playing football and that's divided into 4 divisions waters it down so bad.

    I love going out to games and a good underdog upset but when 80% of teams make the playoffs it loses its significance. As a fan it's great to see more games and match ups, but also as a fan it's not great to see blowouts and teams that have no business in the playoffs in them.

    It's how a not very good Reed team ended up in State final last year playing. They had to beat a 3-8 team in the first round and 5-6 team in the second. They had to beat 1 team with a winning record in order to get a direct ticket to state championship game. That's when this type of set up is a failure. It's a numbers thing though, when you have such few teams there's little you can do about that.

    Keefer that's twice you've got stuck driving out to Centennial, I hope they're giving you a fuel per diem! I think this game is important enough to make the trip across town.

    Also, you're 100% right about taking chances. Liberty took big chances from the opening kick off last year because they knew they had to have a lot of things go their way. Cent, Shadow R, PV and AV should do the same this year if they want a chance to win. They can't wait until they're down by 3-4 TD's to take chances.

    It's ridiculous how many people on the east side of Henderson know who Montano is, it has come up a few times in my conversations with people in the area. I'm certain he probably arrests people who played with or against him and recognize him lol

    Yes, Tuasdad is also Minivant on twitter. I'm new to that whole thing and just last week figured out I could change the name.

    Brewer's zing to the Review Journal's cartoon character! Them are fighting words. Aird gets mouthy sometimes over there, which is easier to do when you're using a pseudonym.

    Much like in years past for playoffs games, Centennial's only advantage is that Gorman's starters haven't played anywhere near a full 4 quarters in over a month.

    Brewer, wear cleats. It's less embarrassing to show up with gear than to slip and fall during the game.

  2. Case and Ray, check out gloves from your local bike shop.... "Fox" makes some decent bicycle gloves that will take the chill off, while allowing you to function, as a writer...
    Two Huge games up North this week in Division IA:
    Truckee (6-1) @ Fallon (7-0) for home field advantage...

    Fernley (6-1) @ Lowry (6-1) fighting for a home playoff game...

  3. The problem is not realignment its how they did the realignment. Each school was graded on all sports and given a score. It should have been done by each sport . You may be a baseball and basketball school but your football isn't that good. Move the baseball and basketball up , move the football down. They do that in other states, Your sport is rated not the entire program. My high school in California was like that. If you do that it will solve a lot of the problems.

    Playoffs, last year 4 teams from each division made the playoffs. 4 teams from each division make the playoffs this year, but not as many teams in each division, Only one simple solution needed, 3 teams from each division instead of four, that gives you the same ratio as last season. First place gets a bye.
    Everyone is talking about the blow outs. Just think if there was no realignment Gorman would be playing Pahrump, Western and Clark. Realignment is working, not perfect but better.They just need to put teams in the correct division, Green Valley in the North? Legacy in the Southwest? Someone in the school district needs a geography lesson.
    I disagree with Brewer, every kid I know who plays high school football watches the Thursday Night Games.Also all the coaches I know watch it also.

  4. Gormanhomer don't be so mean. Gorman will win but the speed won't shock them, there is a lot of good speed in the valley this year. I'm not saying they dont have a lot of speed on the outside, but more the speed of the lineman , big boys moving fast,now thats a killer. The power and size will do them in more than the speed on the outside.

  5. Gormanhomer: Not to be too tough on Centennial, but I'll take the over. You made a great number, but I think Gorman will be extra motivated for this game because of the buzz around Centennial this year. I was at the Green Valley game and did NOT hear that chant. I was mostly watching from the GV side too. My guess is it was a few people, definitely not a large section of the crowd or I would have noticed.

    Keith: Thanks for the North updates. We appreciate it.

    Earl: I think you're on right on realignment. And you'll just have to forgive Brewer about Thursday night. I think his ideal sleep schedule is 9pm-5am so the later start time, the more he'll complain. Haha

    Blueandgold: This game will be the second time Brewer has covered Moapa this year, I believe.

    Tuasdad: I knew it was you on twitter. I thought Brewer did too, which is why the question confused me. I didn't get Brewer's cartoon reference until now, so thanks for that. Lastly, the Sun luckily takes good care of us on mileage.

    Thanks for all the support everyone.

  6. FYI-Running Clock starts at 45 point differential, not 40, only after half time, UNLESS, both Coaches agree to go ahead with a Running Clock earlier.

  7. Hey blueandgold: I was at the Arizona game, which probably isn't the best gauge because it was in mid-August and just a few days after pads were passed out. Moapa is the clear cut best team in the Division-IA South. DP presents a new challenge. They are athletic and have some horses.

  8. Brewer/Keefer,

    I think everyone appreciates and enjoys the podcast very much but has there ever been talk about having a different coach or AD appear on the show each week with you guys?

    Maybe a coach from a team with a big win the previous friday or the coach of a team with a big game coming up. Or maybe an AD from schools like Mojave or Chap etc. To talk about how realigment has helped with participation at these "turn around" schools.

    Maybe someone from NIAA to talk about possible future changes to realigment or future NIAA meetings and agenda items to spice it up even more.

  9. Great idea Tuasdad.

  10. thanks earl... I really would like to see an NIAA person on here. I'd have to imagine 2/3 if not more of student athletes live in southern NV yet most of their meetings take place in the north. It'd be a good way to keep people informed who don't go out of their way to look for that info.

    While I think northern NV has been much more involved in prep sports as a community, Vegas is finally coming around. Maybe having them on would help grow a little more interest in the NIAA happenings down south. Specially since their next 6 meetings are all in Reno and there's not another one down here until next June.

  11. Just last week we were talking about coaching in this town and i ran into this interview with some Coronado coaches. It's former Channel 13's sports guy Ron Futrell with a new prep "show" sponsored by Findlay....anyway the interview pointed out what way way way too many youth football coaches and a few HSFB coaches lack; focus on influencing these young men and guiding them at more than just the X's and O's. Kudos to Coronado's coaching staff for having the right mindset.

    Sorry Brewer don't mean to promote other guys but not like anyone else is any real competition

  12. The coaches here only think about winning, not developing. Thats why they recruit so hard. They can only win if they have superior talent. If you take the time to develop a player you also get to know a player. Also football is mental, people dont teach the mental part of football. They think the mental part of football is getting fired up before the game. They dont prepare these kids to be college students so they can go to the next level. Most coaches have no real clue what it takes for a kid to get recruited and signed with a college.
    Remember when playing football turned you into a man. The coach would say by the time you are a senior you will be ready to go out into the world as a man.You learned discipline , hard work, team work, accountability.Where has that gone? Its still there in small towns across America, but not in Southern Nevada

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