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Is the short week unfair for playoff teams?

Mon, Oct 22, 2012 (3:06 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun sports reporters Ray Brewer and Case Keefer are pumped up for all the high-stakes games going down Thursday night. But why can't they be played on Friday?

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  1. I'm glad Keefer recognized the ridiculous calls against Gorman. I know we will get no pity but truly it was bad officiating. Some penalties were deserved but it there were more than a handful of calls that were clearly terrible not questionable calls.

    That said even without those penalties I think Centennial would still have scored 2 td's. They looked very good in the second half and played balls out the entire 4 quarters. Take away the unwarranted penalties and maybe Gorman puts 60 on them but Centennial still gets 14-17 points. We knew Newton would come out to hit the gap but that Worthington kid got the MVP award for Centennial and set them up with great field position.

    Wonderful points on Chey-towns inexperience. The pre-season hype they got and the success they've had in their division might see a very talented Cheyenne arrogantly think they've punched their ticket to a state title. The kids haven't been there and you're 100% right about their probably ignorance of their new division and their northern foes. I would love to see a good game between them and Truckee so I hope they do their homework because we know everyone at Truckee and Moapa know everything about their likely opponents while Cheyenne may not fully respect what awaits them up north.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Arbor View has been working incredibly hard to become what Palo has been for years. Arbor View is no longer Palo Jr. and win, lose or draw I think the NW will have two of the top teams for a while.

    I think I have undersold Any Solomon for the last four years. The entire time I have said he is good but not as great as everyone makes him out to be. I can humbly say I was wrong. Unfortunately it took me four years and almost until the last game of his last regular season to realize that Solomon is a really special kid and the best quarterback this state has ever had.

    Maybe I really didn't want to come of a biased before but I can't deny it anymore, Anu is the real deal. Cunningham Jr is very athletic but he's no Solomon. Good thing for Cunningham is that nobody in NV has been Solomon.

    Frank DeSantis for his 90's run at The Meadows should go to HOF if he isn't yet same with Greg Spencer from Cim-Mem who long before Sanchez actually changed high school football in southern Nevada.

  2. Ray,
    The Northern Schools are also playing on Thursday Night...
    However, "Truckee @ South Tahoe" is Friday night, I suppose, since both schools are CA schools.

  3. "Hurdling" a defender is illegal in High School, UNLESS, the defender is actually on the ground, and NOT on his feet still...
    For example, the Defender is prone, or even if the defender is on his knees, THEN, the ball carrier CAN Hurdle the Defender legally...

  4. Go to
    You can see all the playoff brackets

  5. If I remember correctly Gorman had a lot of penalties in one or two of their TV games.This year has turned out good. You have your powers plus a few teams that are going to challenge some of these powers. Playoffs are here in Div 1A. Can't wait.Its going to be tougher than you think to get to State . Moapa and Cheyenne better bring there A game or they will get sent home. Its not going to be an easy ride all the way through. Match ups make good games. The match ups in Div 1A will make some games closer than you think.

  6. Minor correction: Most teams in the North also play this week on Thursday. And, despite most disagreeing with me, I still can't understand why! Nevada Day isn't until next Wednesday. There is no need for a short week at the crucial junction of the season. My two cents.

  7. I agree with Keefer that it isn't a big deal playing on Thursdays. If you really need that other day of preparation then practice on a Saturday to make up for it.

  8. The problem with playing on Thursday is that the teams only get today and tmrw to have full practice. Wed the freshmen and JV games start at 4:00. So the varsity has to be off the field by 3:30. So you're playing for your league championship or place in the playoffs with only 2 days to get ready. But it's just proof of how badly high school football is handled in this state. There is plenty of talent in this city. But the high school coaching is just pitiful. BG has more freshmen coaches than many teams have varsity coaches. A lot of teams have 6 or 7 total plays and 1 or 2 defense alignments. It's really sad for these kids who have grown up playing most of their lives and worked so hard, to be stuck in schools with coaches who care so little or are so under qualified. The biggest difference between HS football in Nevada and the rest of the country is the coaching. The coaches should be embarrassed by this. Everyone knows this to be true, but I'm sure these coaches, most all of them think, "oh they're not talking about me." Yes we are talking about you. There is about a 1/3 of the schools who don't have a freshmen team or JV team anymore. Some don't have either. That is unbelievable. There is no way this should ever happen. Without the feeder programs, what is going to happen to the football in the next couple of years. Remember, our HS are 2-3000 students that is huge. Larger than most HS in any other state. As the talent level has gone down at BG, it's their coaching that keeps them at the top. Until the schools decide to get serious about their coaching hires and holding them to a higher standard it's only going to stay the same or get worse.

  9. As a coach for a 1-A team that has played all the teams that made the playoffs I can say that Moapa Valley and Cheyenne are by far the best 2 teams in the South. If Cheyenne's coach stays in that Double Wing they can beat ANY TEAM in 1-A. Cheyenne will be on the only team in the Sunset Division to win in the first round.

  10. The games aren't played on Friday because Nevada Day is celebrated on the last Friday of October now, not on the actual day itself...that being the case, none of the school staff want to go to the facility on a Friday evening when they haven't been there for the entire day...anyway, this week's Palo/Arbor game should be a good one as should Basic/Liberty...

  11. 1FootballFan: Sanchez has played and beat nationally respected teams on national television to bring attention to the quality of high school football in Las Vegas. Go to a Gorman practice. There is always college coaches there. They are coming from major conference to LV because of Gorman. And while they are here, they stop by at the other schools, too. Public school players are getting looks they previously didn't because of Gorman.
    Dave White and Bob Altshuler had the same players. White lost to Sierra Vista and Spring Valley in the same year. Altshuler lost to Palo Verde by five touchdowns. Sanchez is a shoe-in to the hall of fame.
    Rost is first, of course. Darwin took LV football to the next level virtually by himself. Recruiting combines and attention for under-recruited kids is because of Darwin. Great coach. Better man. He will be inducted into every hall of fame Vegas has and I will be in the front row cheering for him. I'll do the same for Tony.

  12. BlueandGold,

    South Tahoe is "dangerous". When Truckee defeated Fallon last Friday night, S. Tahoe was eliminated from the playoffs. This game, Truckee at S. Tahoe, IS their "Super Bowl", their "State" game.
    Truckee cannot take this game for granted, as they "may" have against Fernley.

    S. Tahoe has won 5 in a row, but those wins were against the "lower" half of the Northern Division IA. They "handled" Sparks and Wooster, but their games against the middle of the League were fairly close. They started their League play with 3 of the 4 top teams in the North, and lost ALL of those, a close one to Fernley, and not so close to both Lowry and Fallon. However, they are much improved since Week 3.
    Their QB has nearly 3,000 yards passing, and has a QB rating of 118. He has only thrown 3 INT's to go with his 29 TD passes. The Vikings average over 320 yards a game through the air, and less than 20 yards on the ground.
    They have 4 receivers with over 500 yards receiving each, and they all average over 16 yards per catch.
    That being said, their Roster on MaxPreps only shows 22 players, and 5 of those are Sophomores. That will wear on them against a physical Truckee team.

    Truckee's Secondary will be tested, and that is a good thing going into the playoffs. The South Tahoe Offense has not seen a pair of D-Ends like Truckee's.
    Last week at Fallon, the Truckee D put pressure on the Fallon QB, #9.
    Fallon's QB, had only 3 INT's coming into their game with Truckee, and he was under pressure all night, with several Sacks, many hurries, and two Picks.
    I suspect Truckee will work on some key plays to get up on the Vikings early, and then play ball control, and run the ball and the clock, to keep South Tahoe's Offense off the field. Truckee wants and NEEDS to finish Strong.
    Finally, South Tahoe has given up nearly as many points as they have scored, so Truckee "SHOULD" handle this relatively easy. The COLD could play a factor, but no more SNOW is in the forecast after Wednesday Night.

  13. BlueandGold,
    Fallon at Lowry:
    When Lowry lost to Truckee in Week 1, (27-7), I warned people that Lowry was a good team, and they were only going to get better.
    They have 4 RB's with over 40 carries each, and over 400 yards each. They rush for over 300 yards a game as a team.
    Their QB has a great arm, makes good decisions, and is extremely slippery in the open field. He has not had to throw much, but has over 1,000 yards in the air, (that's over 100 yards a game), 11 TD passes, and NO INT's. A QB rating of 132. He doesn't make many mistakes.
    Lowry is averaging over 45 points a game in their last 5 wins, (including the manhandling of Fernley).

    Lowry "believes" they WILL win, Not they "can" win. Fallon beat Fernley 12-0, and Lowry put up 41 on that same Fernley Defense. Actually, Fernley's starting MLB didn't play against Fallon, and the Greenwave was successful over the middle. I do not know if he was back against Lowry, but he was expected to be.

    Fallon will have to play one heck of a game to beat Lowry. They know they didn't play their best game against Truckee, and if they play that way on Thursday night, they could be in the same position as Fernley, going from Undefeated, to Losing TWO in a row...
    Winner gets Home Field for the rematch next week, providing Truckee takes care of business in South Tahoe.

  14. Always good to get the north report from LakeTahoeguy. It sounds like the Div 1A is strong in the north but the Div 1 isn't this year. Is that correct or not correct

    Sanchez has gotten attention for Gorman not Nevada. If you listen to what they say its all about Gorman and how they have to go out of State for competition. They give no other Nevada team credit. College coaches are always at Gorman , and thats it. Until someone can beat Gorman its just Gorman for Gorman.
    I'll say it again , there is a reason why USC is USC and UNLV is UNLV . Money makes a difference. Recruiting makes a difference. Gorman gets the best players. Period. Until someone else can start putting real money into their program , they will never catch Gorman, yes there might be an upset here and there, but they will never have that kind of program until they spend a lot of money. You cant tell me that Sanchez is the only good coach in town. His coaching is not 40 points better than everyone else, but his players are. If you don't understand what i'm saying you don't know big time football. The SEC is not the SEC by accident. They spend on average more on football than any other conference. They made it a priority and it has paid off. Why do you think all the other conference are coming up with ways to make more money. More money, better facilities, better facilities, more 5 star kids, more 5 star kids more wins, more wins more money! More wins and 5 star kids brings more pro scouts. Kids don't go to Alabama just because they win. They also go because of the chance to make the pros and to be on TV.No money no Coach Nick at Alabama.

    lrddrkhlmt don't sleep on the sunset, Mojave(yes i'm a homer) is good. Don't forget they beat Desert Pines the first time. Now I know Desert Pines isn't the same team and has improved, but so has Mojave.If I was Cheyenne I would not stay in the wing,the wing is designed to give teams that are not that big or strong and who are not athletic a better chance to even the playing field. I would open up a little more and get those kids the ball in space. They have kids who can run.Also come on out, what team are you with, everyone else has let it be known who they are with, don't be shy.

    I hate that they don't play of Friday, The extra day of practice would have given teams a chance to put in an extra twist in the offence and D that may make the difference.

  15. CoachEarl,
    I would say your assessment is correct. Division I is having a down year in the North.
    I would give Lowry, Fallon and Truckee a fighting chance against most of the Northern Division I teams this year...
    (Don't everyone go nuts on that statement, I said "most", that means more than 50% of the teams in the Northern Div. I.)
    Every June we have the high school "All Star" game, "The Sertoma Classic", and those recently graduated Seniors that make those Rosters can ALL Play....
    That includes the ones from the former 2A, now Div. III...
    Battle Mountain, Lovelock, and Yerington have some "players"... but as a whole team, they cannot compete with Div. IA.
    Take a look at the Rosters of Dayton & Fallon, they have some BIG Linemen, averaging 6'3" to 6'5" and between 255 lbs. and 285 lbs.
    Keep in mind, some of these Div. IA schools do practice against some of the Div. I schools during Summer Ball, granted, it is only 7 on 7, but that shows you how the skill positions match up...

  16. I think it's obvious that the alumni who put forth the cash to take make Gorman's football team a program didn't do it with the intention of improving NV football, of course it was for Gorman. However it can't be denied that there's been a hell of a benefit to other recruits in town because of the national attention on Gorman.

    Now that doesn't make everything nice and fair. It doesn't mean that the added attention should make all publics grateful to have Gorman and stop complaining, that's not what I am saying at all. I'm just saying that clearly even though Gorman does what they do for the sake of the "G" it's clear that there's been a benefit to every recruit in southern NV because of Gorman's national exposure whether we like that or not. Again, doesn't mean you have to agree with it but yes there's been a hell of a lot more coaches and recruiters that stop in Vegas or see film of Vegas players that they probably wouldn't have before because of it.

    1footballfan What's going on up north in Div I is just crazy, nothing like what we're having downhere with Palo being down and GV/Cent being up etc... I would compare it to say take away Gorman and have Silverado beating Liberty, then Arbor losing to Green Valley and Green Valley and Silverado then losing to some other team and Centennial getting #1 ranking only to lose to Arbor or something. It's been an absolute debacle up there this year.

    Maybe, just maybe if Reed can do to Spanish Springs tonight what they did to Reno last week we will have one clear cut northern favorite. And like I said a few times it wouldn't matter if the Sunset sends Gorman, Palo, Cent or Arbor this year they'd all be heavy favorites over any north Div I team. So I really look forward to going up to Reno for the state semi game, but i'm already ready to point out (after the north complains about Gorman) that this year just like last year there's a handful of teams in the south that would have beat up the Northern Div I rep. There's not a team in the north THIS SEASON or LAST that would have made it to either the Sunrise or Sunset finals had they been in south. Again, no disrespect to North meant, they sometimes field the best team in the state but that's been the case for this and last year. 2010 north champ McQueen was definitely a top 5 team and would have challenged/beaten anyone outside of Gorman from the south.

    I saw a stat on Arbor View this morning that reminds me why I have LIberty ranked over them. Offensive Flexibility. Arbor might indeed be a better team that Liberty and they may be able to beat Liberty if they played but as far as who would be the best candidate to dethrone Gorman I still say Liberty. Arbor View has attempted only 25 passes all season long according to the lvrj. There's no way in hell you can stay withing 20 points of Gorman if you're that limited. Arbor could run the ball and control the clock on every team in teh state but not the one that matters in the end.

  17. Wow , sounds a little angry there,Mr lrddrkhlmt.
    Your opinion is valid and so is ours. Good luck to both teams! And yes we pound our chest because we are proud of our boys! We also gave credit to every team that beat us and made no excuses. And never will. Once again , good luck to both teams!

  18. I love how much chatter there has been about IA schools this season. While the realigment may have watered down an already watered down state it definitely has made things more exciting... how many debates did we have last year about Mojave or Cheyenne compared to this year? Much fun has been had with this IA i'm loving it.

    After now seeing Green Valley play three times this year and knowing they're loaded with underclassmen, I want to go ahead and nominate them (assuming Gorman or the eventual state champ gets the shaft and isn't invited) to be our state's rep at the Sollenberger next year. It'll be exciting to see where GV can take this very young and equally talented team over the next couple years.

    Also the fact that now we will get a Basic vs Canyon rematch from last years first round or a Coronado vs Canyon in the first round is exciting either of those games will be great match ups

    With Reed cruising past Spanish Springs up north and GV's big win both of them will be moving up a bit in my rankings at least.

  19. Thanks for being a man of your words lrddrkhlmt .
    As far as us needing some luck against Moapa... I'll take all the luck we can get!

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