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Where's the defense?

Mon, Sep 24, 2012 (3:31 p.m.)

Upset over the outlandish scores posted around the valley last week, Las Vegas Sun sports reporter Ray Brewer loses his sanity on this week's podcast. Co-host Case Keefer tries to stay out of the way during his rant on defense, but has plenty to add on other topics — including impressive games from Arbor View and Bishop Gorman, "the hut drill" and the two highly-anticipated games in Henderson on Friday.

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  1. Defense is played in the Division I-A, by the top teams...
    Points Allowed This Season:
    Boulder City 57 (5 games)
    Truckee 21 (4 games)
    Fallon 32 (4 games)
    Moapa Valley 55 (6 games)
    Lowry 89 (5 games)
    Fernley 53 (5 games)

    Division I-A Standings

  2. GURU,
    Did Cheyenne play one of the Top Teams in Div. I-A?
    Any of the teams listed?

    No, they played Western, ranked 70th in the State, across all divisions, and a team with 0 Wins this season...and a whopping 0 Wins last season...

  3. 161 yards rushing 2 touchdowns and an interception.

  4. haven't been able to listen to the podcast in its entirety but:

    I'm all for the Servite tradition and I can appreciate the drill they do for tradition, teamwork and uniformity. However I would take the Haka over the Hut drill anyday. The Haka gets you pumped i'm sure can be intimidating to some kids and there is no comparison in that department.

    Pumphrey's is a play maker and game changer here at the HS level but as far as next level I think (outside of kickers) Kapeli will have the best chance of getting playing time soon and actually making an impact in the next couple years. Solomon maybe as a jr/sr.

    Wheresware, I was very presently surprised by GV. Their line (both ways) and their QB surprised me. I see them taking the #2 spot in the NE behind Canyon Springs. That may make for a great first round playoff game if Coronado finishes third behind Basic and Liberty, which I expect then we will have a GV vs Coro rematch. I picked GV to keep it close in a shootout against Basic. They haven't played a team with a line like GV yet and I hope Cahill has them ready for that.

    As for the defense thing, Sportsarefun is right about his point but to add to it not many outside the top ten play good offense or defense. We have a pretty weak state/city overall and our bottom 2/3 play pretty low quality football on both sides of the ball.

    The only 1A defense that surprised me was Cheyenne's starters giving up 19 points in the first half to quite possibly the worst team in the state. Even if Lewis put up 8 td's your starters giving up 19 points to Western would worry me

  5. Wordup... thanks? I certainly don't mind being wrong. That's what makes this enjoyable. Different opinions, different predictions. I'm glad finally this year more people started posting their picks. Like I said at start of season, it sucks that Ray and Keefer are the only ones who get called out when they're wrong because few others post their predictions on here. This week was a bad week but i'm tied with Keefer (.727) who does this for a living so I'm alright with that.

    As for being wrong 50% of the time, I'll respectfully disagree. I'm wrong plenty of the time but I don't think 50%. You may disagree with me 50% of the time but proven wrong? Nah.

    As for Solomon, I would love to be wrong, he's a good player, great kid with an awesome family behind him and I would love to see him succeed.

    But like i'm sure you've noticed I don't make predictions for things I would like and make me feel better. I don't place bets with my heart. Hence why I picked Gorman to lose twice this year but was glad to be wrong about that. Same reason I just ranked Basic below Palo and Canyon. I love Basic. Probably behind Gorman the team I would root for the most. I'd love to see Morris, Pumphrey, Solomon, Mattox and Kapeli go on to be NFL greats but i'm not going to predict that because I like them and root for Vegas football. I would have loved to see Palo beat Desert Vista and Liberty beat Crespi but I sure wasn't about to make that prediction simply because I would like that more but again I would have been happy to be wrong and see them win. I call it how I see it.

    I'm just a fan of the sport, particularly at the high school level. Kids are playing for a school they attend, a community they live in, maybe a school that family has also gone to. It makes it more exciting. Just like Coronado vs GV the other night. Those two teams aren't in any way, shape or form relevant on the national scene, neither of them are likely to end up at state but the stands were packed, the lines were long and the game was hard fought. That's what I love about HSFB. Moapa, Henderson area games and now a lot more (i.e AV/Cent/Palo) get more community/school/fan support.

    Unlike the pro's where it's a business and you can get traded and the team can just up and change cities, HSFB has tradition, community and a lot to play for.

  6. As for my credentials? None really.

    Like I've said plenty of times here I never played varsity sports at Gorman. My grades made me ineligible (something I regret) and even if I was eligible I would have been 2nd string at best. I've always been a fan of HSFB even when I played it and before when I played pop warner.

    I've just always followed it. Long before Gorman was relevant I would go to games around town and watch games in Reno when I happened to be up there too. I've followed teams, players and season/playoffs pretty closely for probably the last 12 years. The last 5-6 years has just been so much better with more media coverage, national sites and obviously a lot more recruiting out here. Lately it's just been nice that my alma mater is killing it.

  7. Conversation is getting deep this week.. so lets go. The defense is not a strong point this year in the valley. The top teams don't play defense either. Liberty and Palo was high scoring, Arbor put 30 something on Centennial( a defensive team). This is not a defensive year.The question of coaching quality, the coaching quality is not the best. There is no course to take, experience level, or anything required to be a coach here in Southern Nevada. Nevada is not a football state. Period. There are a lot of coaching mistakes but this is the system we have. And yes I do have credentials, I have coached at little league and high school. I have taken classes and went to specific coaches clinics to be certified at the high school I coached at in California. I was also a Division 1 player at a BCS conference. I wasn't a star or starter, but I got some time.
    Most of the comments on this site are good and valid, you may disagree but they are thought out and have good points. Some of you watch and know the high school game here as well as a lot of the coaches in this valley. I could speak on the problem for days, but instead I will offer some things I believe to be solutions.
    Coaches should be required to go to football 101
    a course in football. This should include basics on blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, and kicking.
    Coaches should have to attend certain coaches clinic.
    It should be mandatory that head coaches take a class on recruiting. Most don't have a clue and dont push kids to division 2,3 or NAIA. This should be done at least every 3 years , things change
    If you are a position coach you should have to attend a clinic on you position. These courses should have to be taken every 3 years, things change.
    If you are a DC or OC you should be going to a clinic specific to what you do.. example if you run a 43 your clinic should be on the 43.
    The reason I said every 3 years these should be repeated is because things change... example when I was in high school the big thing for d lineman was the swim move, not anymore the major colleges are all ripping and other moves now . Football is always evolving if your not doing that as a coach ,you are not doing the best you can.
    Also if you want to improve football in this valley, UNLV needs to stand up and put pressure on these coaches, yes its boarder line legal but all the big programs do it.Big programs always have a school or 2 they can count on for players, this is no accident. UNLV needs wake up and demand better players. If they were involved with the community the way they should be, you would see a difference in the coaching and play on the field in high school and at UNLV.

  8. Wordup- thanks. Also just for the record if Anu was going to UNLV he'd likely be a starter by sophomore year but he's going to a much better school and much better team with much better recruits, so it'll be competitive.

    Coachearl, kudos on your football accomplishments. Star, Starter or anything at D1 is still something to be proud of.

    As for the coaching I think it's a tough spot. We're not a football town and our school system is wrecked. Add the economy and the last thing the school is going to invest in is sending coaches to seminars. Obviously that's where a good booster program helps. Community pride and support in their school. You don't have to be Gorman to get your community to back you. Palo, Vegas, Basic, Moapa have always done it now Liberty, Arbor, Centennial, Del Sol are getting there. Not talking sending the team to Hawaii but enough for maybe the coaches to take some good clinics like Earl said.

    I've had some great coaches who were very good at motivating and getting the kids on the same page who were not very good at the X's and O's. Then i've seen coaches that were excellent with the playbook and understanding the game but couldn't connect with players and get that across. It takes a special person to be a successful coach. My hat is off to those that are trying.

  9. Tuasdad, you made a great point about coaches. You have to be able to teach and communicate with the players. A coach can have all knowledge in the world but if he cant get that knowledge to his kids, it doesn't matter what he knows. To many of our coaches coach for the wrong reason. At some point you have to care about the kids. It cant all be about how many games we win. There are some coaches clinics that address these issues and more.
    There are a few coaches that get it or at least some of it. There are some coaches trying to build programs, the next step is the Principles who dont care about having a program. There are some coaches who could do a lot more but the principals will not allow it. We have some Principals in this town who don't care one bit about the sports programs. As a principal you should care about the sports program, art program, and all the programs. Anything that a kid can get a scholarship for should be high priority, but sadly its not. The principals only push for grades, grades only is not the only scholarships available. Did you know that cheerleaders can get scholarships? Some schools have kids announcing the games for football and basketball, they can get scholarships. Some schools have kids as the equipment managers, they can get scholarships. I haven't seen any principals pushing any of this. There are many division 2,3 and NAIA scholarships not used each year.
    Don't believe them when they cry its about money, there are people in this town who would donate but they don't because they are turned away. I give Gorman some credit here. They accept the help from the Gorman community. The public schools on average don't. Too much red tape.Its stupid but its a fact.
    Also to all of you who write post on here, keep doing it. There are some athletic directors who read and follow this who are trying to make a difference. A lot of coaches are reading these post. Some are listening and agreeing. Some have new ideas they would like to do, but don't have the support to do them. Knowing that there are people who care and follow the local high school sports lets them know that they are not alone. When enough people stand up, we will see a change. Maybe some day Gorman wont be the only team beating out of state teams

  10. I think the entire thing from not enough players for a jv team to lack of admin support is all related.

    Palo, Basic, Moapa and now Liberty are showing what you can do when you have good support from you community, alums, business in the area etc.. But if your school admin is not on board it's pointless.

    It's not just a football thing, it's taking pride in your school. It's what MOJAVE, CHAP and CANYON Springs have been working so hard to do, make kids proud to be from their school and it'll show. Look at all the kids in the fan sections for Arbor/Centennial/GV/Coronado/Gorman etc... those are students who may not be playing but they're involved they're proud of their school and team and rather than be out cruising the strip they're at the football game cheering for their school. If more principles saw the benefits of supporting your sports teams to become PROGRAMS, more schools would see the benefits elsewhere. School pride, community pride, self responsibility etc..

    It won't always equal victories on the field but it can change the moral and spirit of a school.

  11. The ABC affiliate in Reno, KOLO 8, stopped into Truckee yesterday, to check in on the Wolverines. If the Truckee Wolverines can manage a victory at Spring Creek on Friday night, they will tie the State Record for consecutive victories, at 41, for 11 man football.
    Since Ray Brewer has been upset about a lack of Defense, I felt it appropriate, since Truckee's D has given up 6 points through the first four games...

  12. Coach-Mac i'd like to think i'm only slightly biased ha ha.

    For last nights game (since there's no story on it) a couple things:

    Hats of to Westerns kids and coaches, they work just as hard as everyone else in town and thats gotta be hard with the results they're seeing on the field. That said; last night was some of the worst football i've seen and they should really think about changing the way they pick TNL games. You have the worst team in the state against a rising but still unheralded Mojave with a handful of fans in the stands and tonight GV and Basic will have maybe 3+ thousand fans with standing room only and probably a lot more people taht would tune in to watch. I can appreciate what they're doing to showcase all schools, unfortunately we're showcasing a lot of bad.

    It was an ugly, ugly game. I don't think it would have been as ugly if Mojave didn't have an off night with penalties but ugh. I saw a lot of good things from Mojave and I am glad I tuned in, they do have some talent that'll make the IA playoffs interesting. Last night I momentarily became a believer again just to thank God that the realignment happened and Western didn't have to play Gorman this year. It would have been beyond unfortunate.

    "Got a nice crowd out here" says one announcer. I'm an optimist but that was just a lie. Western had at most 25 people in the stands and Mojave from the few angles we saw had maybe a hundred or two?

    It was just horrible to see. If you're going to display HSFB in this town I understand you're looking more to get the community out there and give all the schools a chance to get on tv, but if only 20-ish parents came out to watch Western play how many do you think tuned? A few hundred? This game had more penalties than Western had fans and that's sad. The coaches and players deserve better than that.

    Kudos to Mojave with forcing 10 turnovers, kudos to coach Delgado for staying on them about the mistakes and penalties even though they were up big he wasn't happy with their penalties.

    I felt for Western, their opening drive looked promising and I was rooting for them and after that fumble it was all downhill.

    If that same Western team we saw last night was the same Western that put 22 on Cheyenne last week and didn't have 3-4 Las Vegas Locos players suited up for them, then i'm dropping Cheyenne down to 3rd in the 1A rankings behind Truckee and Moapa. Myloe can score 100 td's that's great but if your defense let Western put that many on you i'm now believing the kids over at Chey-town let all the pre season hype get to their heads. They have a lot of talent I hope they get it together in time for playoffs or they might end up not making it to Truckee.

  13. Mojave had a big crowd last night at the Thursday night game. Western, the visiting team did not. The shot of the crowd was right after half when everyone was out of their seats. It was homecoming so a lot of people were in the parade and not back at their seats. Other went to the snack stand after the parade. It was a big crowd. There were lines to get into the game, wow . Doesn't happen all the time.They showed another shot of the crowd towards the end of the fourth Q, a lot of people were filing out the stadium at that time, I dont recomend that but thats what happened.
    To the game.. lots of penalties for Mojave, a program moving in the right direction. Western has a long way to go, remember they pretty much got the death penalty last year when they shut down the football program, it will take a while to build it back. Concrats to the Western coaching staff for being man enough to take a job no body wanted I believe they will succeed over there.
    As far as the match ups, they are picked before the season and they all dont turn out to be what everyone thinks, Some schools turn out to be good others bad. You cant always predict it. Most people expected Mojave to be 0-5 or 1-4 at this point, witch would have made a better match up. Also this is Mojave's first time ever on the Thursday Night Game. I believe everyone at some point should get the experience. These kids ,on good teams or not deserve something.Also if you only let the good teams on , it will separate the teams even more than they are now. If you dont think kids go to Gorman because of TV games or that it helps them to pick up players,your crazy, I'm not saying it the only reason but, its a good one.

  14. Thursday Night Lights said Mojave had the biggest crowd this year!

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