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October 21, 2017

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Alan Keyes on Health Care


When it comes to the issue of health care, Keyes does not believe government control is the solution. He supports a plan similar to one proposed by the Bush administration, in which people set up tax-deductible medical savings accounts and combine them with catastrophic insurance. He says such a plan will give consumers greater freedom, control and rewards by empowering them to be effective policemen of the relationships between price and quality in the health care marketplace. During his run for the presidency in 2004, Keyes stated he supports sensibly capping awards on malpractice lawsuits as a way of helping stop doctor shortages in many states. He also said the country needs to use free market principles and support the importing of cheaper prescription drugs from places like Canada and Europe.


Keyes' campaign web site: Details Keyes' full opinion on how he feels health care should be addressed by the government.


YouTube video: A 2004 video of Keyes discussing with James Scudder of Victory in Grace why a government-dominated health care is not an ideal system.


— Las Vegas Sun intern April Corbin compiled this report.

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