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2008 Elections

Barack Obama on Health Care


Every American has the right to affordable health care. He would add to and improve the current system of coverage. His plan includes leaving Medicare for the elderly, but providing those who are uninsured or unhappy with their health insurance an affordable plan much like the coverage given to members in Congress. For those unable to afford the health plan they will receive a subsidy. He believes in guaranteed eligibility and mobility of health insurance independent of the participant's job. To ensure quality of health care, providers would be required to give reports regarding standards, technology and administration. His plan is projected to cut average family's health care costs by $2,500.


Obama's campaign Web site: Creating a health care system that works Lowering health care costs, providing quality, affordable & portable health coverage for all and promoting prevention and strengthening public health outline Obama's health care plan.


YouTube video: Health care Address in Iowa City
Obama rolls out his national health care plan in May of 2007 in Iowa City, Iowa.


YouTube video: CNN on YouTube debate: Health care questions
Obama discusses his plan to give affordable health care to all Americans and fight the drug and insurance lobbyists as president.


YouTube video: Barack Obama at SEIU Health care Forum
Obama points out how he plans to get health coverage to those that make too much for state aid, but not enough to buy into their current plan.


Las Vegas Sun (6-01-07): Obama digging in
Obama's apperance in Las Vegas causes quite a stir and brings up issues of concern - health care.


Las Vegas Sun (3-25-07): Hopefuls - logical, energetic, battle-ready
Presidential contenders speak at a health care forum in Las Vegas.


— Las Vegas Sun interns Jenna Kohler and April Corbin contributed to this report.

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