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November 21, 2017

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2008 Elections

Barack Obama on Immigration


The problem with illegal immigration is the lack of a national reform policy. He supports a reform policy that would reduce further illegal immigration by strengthening the borders with more customs and border protection agents. The second part of his reform policy would include creating a pathway toward citizenship for the illegal immigrants who are here , who don't have a criminal record and who are willing to pay a fine and enroll in a program to become a legal citizen. He also says implementing an employment verification system to stop employers from hiring illegal immigrants is essential to a reform policy.


YouTube video: Democratic Debate: Immigration Reform
Obama discusses his plan for national immigration reform at the CNN Democratic Debates.


Obama's Illinois Senator Web site: Obama Initiative Would Revisit Radical Changes to Immigration System in Five Years
A statement given on the Senate floor June 6, 2007 outlining Obama's stance on immigration reform.


— Las Vegas Sun intern s Jenna Kohler and April Corbin contributed to this report.

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