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September 15, 2019

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2008 Elections

Chris Dodd on Taxes


(Editor's Note: Dodd dropped out of the presidential race for the Democratic nomination, following a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3, 2007, where he got less than 1 percent of the delegates. See a video of his explanation on his campaign Web site. )


Dodd does not have a portion of his Web site devoted to providing his general stance on taxes. But based on his voting record while in the Senate, Dodd has been in support of a strong progressive tax. The National Taxpayers Union gave Dodd a 15 percent rating on votes affecting tax cuts and gave him the label of "Big Spender" on tax votes. He does not favor repealing the estate tax, also called the death tax, but he does favor moderating it to avoid losing all the revenue it generates. Dodd opposed the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts and would eliminate them for the upwardly wealthy and, in turn, provide incentives for the middle-income bracket. He also calls for establishing tax-deferred homeowner savings accounts. As part of his environmental plan, Dodd has called for a corporate carbon tax that would tax businesses on their carbon dioxide emissions.


On The Issues: Read more about Dodd's tax statements and more detail about his past votes.


Dodd's campaign Web site: Read more about his plan for tax-deferred homeowner savings account.


Dodd's campaign Web site: Read Dodd's plan for a "corporate carbon tax."


Boston Globe: Dodd's Op/Ed column about his corporate carbon tax proposal (4-27-2007).


— Las Vegas Sun new media intern Jenna Kohler and new media managing editor Dave Toplikar compiled this report.

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