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April 23, 2019

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2008 Elections

Democrats on Immigration



Hillary Clinton
The U.S. needs comprehensive immigration reform. All of the illegal immigrants should not be deported. The answer, instead, is a guest worker program that guides those guest workers toward citizenship. In 2006, she voted to build the fence along the Mexican border. Illegal aliens should be given driver’s licenses only in the absence of a national illegal immigration policy … more | Other issues | Bio


Barack Obama
The problem with illegal immigration is the lack of a national reform policy. Supports a reform policy that would reduce further illegal immigration by strengthening the borders with more customs and border protection agents. Second part to the reform policy would include creating a pathway toward citizenship for the illegal immigrants here without a criminal record willing to pay a fine and enroll in a program. In addition, implementing an employment verification system to stop employers from hiring illegal immigrants is essential to a reform policy … more | Other issues | Bio


Mike Gravel
Gravel advocates a guest worker program as well as setting up naturalization procedures that would grant illegal immigrants legal status. During a presidential candidate debate at Dartmouth College in September, he said he was “ashamed, as an American, to be building a fence on our southern border.” Gravel believes the root cause of illegal immigration is the North American Free Trade Agreement. He calls NAFTA “a disaster” which has resulted in the loss of millions of U.S. and Mexican jobs. Rectifying unfair trade policies to stimulate the job markets on both sides of the border would result in Mexican workers staying in their country, he says … more | Other issues | Bio


John Edwards (dropped out)
Our southern border is a mess. We have to secure the border. We need to use better technology to secure our borders. We need more border patrols. A fence shouldn’t be built all across the southern border, but there might be some places where existing fences could be could be improved. We should be tougher on employers who are violating the law because there are some abuses there. People who have been living here (illegally) for years and working ought to be able to earn citizenship. The path to citizenship would include requiring them to pay an achievable fine for being here illegally and requiring them to learn to speak English … more | Other issues | Bio


Dennis Kucinich (dropped out)
Immigrants already in the U.S. will be provided with a path toward citizenship. Kucinich believes that the implementation of NAFTA fueled the rush of immigrants and plans to cancel both NAFTA and WTO and return to trade based worker’s rights. He voted against the fence in 2006 and believes that strengthening U.S.’s relationship with Mexico and creating a trade agreement with Mexico to ensure that their workers have a “decent” wage is key to national immigration reform … more | Other issues | Bio


Bill Richardson (dropped out)
Richardson does not support legislation that builds walls between nations and ultimately tears families apart. He proposes national reform that would require those already in the county to learn English and pay back taxes, among other criteria, in order to gain legalization. To stop further illegal immigration, Richardson proposes helping Mexico to implement reforms within their country in addition to increasing the number of legal immigrants allowed in the U.S. each year … more | Other issues | Bio


Joe Biden (dropped out)
He opposes deporting the 14 million illegal immigrants already in the U.S. He proposes that background checks weed out the criminals to send back and provide for pathway towards “earned citizenship” for the rest. He views the U.S.-Mexican border not only as a gateway for illegal immigrants, but for drug trafficking as well. He strengthened border patrol and a shorter fence than the one voted on in September 2006 would help to ease future immigration problems … more | Other issues | Bio


Chris Dodd (dropped out)
He strongly opposes issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants on grounds that it is a privilege to have one, but supports providing health care to illegal immigrants because of the affect that health has on the public. He is in favor of a comprehensive immigration reform that would offer path to citizenship for the illegal immigrants already in the U.S. in exchange for fines, back taxes and other criteria … more | Other issues | Bio


— Las Vegas Sun new media managing editor Dave Toplikar and interns Jenna Kohler and April Corbin contributed to this report.

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