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September 19, 2017

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2008 Elections

Dennis Kucinich on Environment and Energy


(Editor's Note: Kucinich dropped his bid for the Democratic nomination on Jan. 25, 2008, changing his focus to run for re-election to his Ohio congressional seat. He did so after having been excluded from televised Democratic debates in Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina.)

Dennis Kucinich on Environment and Energy: He is committed to rejoining the U.S. with the Kyoto Treaty and employ its recommendations throughout the country. His proposed plan to end the country's energy dependence, the Works Green Administration (WGA) includes retro-fitting homes with renewable energy technology through wind and solar power, while providing new jobs to strengthen the economy. After addressing global warming, Kucinich would focus on the country's water shortage. He would put all water in the public domain, make drinking water publicly owned and practice conservation through encouraging sustainable agriculture and plant-based diets.


Kucinich's campaign Web site: Read his views on creating "a sustainable future."


YouTube video:
Kucinich discusses the relationship between the environment and economy.


YouTube video:
Kucinich answers the question of how he plans to address global warming as president at the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debates.


— Las Vegas Sun intern Jenna Kohler contributed to this report.

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