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July 16, 2019

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2008 Elections

Duncan Hunter on Taxes


(Editor's Note: Hunter dropped out of the presidential race for the Republican nomination on Jan. 20, 2008, after a poor showing (2 percent of the vote) on Jan. 19, 2008, in the Nevada caucuses. See a statement on his campaign Web site.)

Hunter believes that increasing taxes only leads to an an increase in poverty. In order to combat this, Hunter supports cutting taxes for all Americans and not just those that are sectioned off based on their income and deemed worthy. Hunter has refused to sign the "no new tax" pledge on the grounds that there could be an emergency that would warrant tax increases. He is in favor of simplifying the tax system with either a fair tax or a flatter, simpler tax system. Although he has not devoted his entire tax reform policy to support the FairTax, Hunter has publicly sponsored it. At an Iowa debate, Hunter pointed out that the worst kind of tax-related spending was one that touched all Americans regardless of their income bracket, money spent toward tax preparation, and would move to rid the country of this financial burden.


Hunter's campaign Web site: Read more on what Hunter wants to do in terms of providing tax relief, eliminating the "marriage penalty" tax, reforming the Alternative Minimum Tax and eliminating antiquated taxes.


YouTube Video: Hunter answers the question about which Americans pay more taxes (3:29)


YouTube Video: Hunter discusses his support of the Fair Tax.


— Las Vegas Sun new media intern Jenna Kohler and new media managing editor Dave Toplikar compiled this report.

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