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October 22, 2019

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2008 Elections

Fred Thompson on the Issues


(Editor's Note: Thompson dropped out of the presidential race for the Republican nomination on Jan. 22, 2008, after coming in a distant third in the South Carolina Republican primary on Jan. 19, 2008. See a statement on his campaign Web site.)

He is pro-life. He says Roe v. Wade was "bad law and bad medical science." He would appoint strict constructionist judges, such as Chief Justice John Roberts, who he helped to get through the Senate confirmation process ... more.


Environment and Energy
"Increasing our energy independence and investing in alternative energy sources will also produce a healthier environment. And while we don’t know for certain how or why climate change is occurring, it makes sense to take reasonable steps to reduce CO2 emissions without harming our economy. He wants an energy policy that invests in advanced technologies of tomorrow and places more emphasis on conservation and energy efficiency. He also wants to conduct research and development into technologies that improve the environment, especially the reduction of CO2 emission." He believes climate change is real and will stay with the country. However, the U.S. alone can't solve the problem. India and China must also do their part ... more.


Thompson hasn’t really come up with a plan to fix the mortgage crisis. But he has found a scapegoat — illegal immigrants. He said at a rally in Iowa during late December that Hispanics who don’t speak English very well — and don’t understand the mortgages they’re getting into — are partly to blame for the growing numbers of foreclosures around the country. ... more.


Health Care
Thompson says Americans have the best health care in the world. Some, however, choose not be insured; others cannot afford it. Every American should be able to get health insurance coverage that is affordable, fully accessible, and portable. Coverage should meet their individual needs and put them in control. Those who propose a one-size-fits-all Washington-controlled program ignore the cost, inefficiency, and inadequate care that such a system offers. Access to affordable, portable health care can be made available for all Americans without imposing new mandates or raising taxes. Current government programs must also be streamlined and improved so that those who truly need help can get the health care they need ... more.


He is opposed to any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Arrest and deportation is not a reasonable solution either. Self-deportation can be achieved by enforcing the laws against unauthorized alien workers and their employers. Without illegal job opportunities, fewer aliens will try to enter and those here illegally now will likely return home. The borders can be made more secure by doubling the immigration agents, by increasing the border patrol to at least 25,000 agents and by increasing the number of detention facilities to hold illegal aliens that have been arrested. We should also increase funding to prosecute alien smugglers, to prosecute illegal alien gangs and bolster border security ... more.


President Bush's policy now is the right one. They U.S. should continue to stay and stabilize the country. However, the U.S. didn't go into Iraq with enough troops and didn't know what to expect when they arrived. If our troops left, the American people would face more of a danger at home. The U.S. should recognize that Islamic fascism is fighting a global war ... more.


Thompson says the U.S. tax code is in need of reform so that it based on simplicity, fairness and growth. He says the Internal Revenue Service should be dissolved and a new U.S. tax code should be written that gets the government out of the pocketbooks of the citizens, while enhancing U.S. competitiveness. His plan calls for permanently extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, which are subject to expire in 2010. He also wants to reduce individual income tax rates to save every tax-paying family at least $500 and he wants to preserve the $1,000 child tax credit. His plan also includes repealing the death (estate) tax, repealing the alternative minimum tax, reducing the corporate tax rate, permanently extending small business expensing and updating the simplifying the depreciation tables. His plan would also give each taxpayer the choice of paying a simple flat tax or paying income taxes under the current tax code ... more


Yucca Mountain
In 1997, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson voted yes to approve a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. A “yes” vote authorized the president to use his sole and unreviewable discretion to determine the suitability of the site. Since then, Thompson has not commented on his support of the Yucca Mountain project. He has said that he has always been an advocate of nuclear power. Thompson worked for more than 20 years as a lobbyist. During this time, he lobbied for an experimental reactor. The project to build the reactor was canceled after the government had spent $1.7 billion ... more


— Las Vegas Sun new media managing editor Dave Toplikar and new media intern April Corbin compiled this report.

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