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2008 Elections

John Edwards on Abortion


(John Edwards suspended his race for the Democratic nomination on Jan. 30, following coming in third place in three contests, including his home state of South Carolina.)

A woman should have the right to choose. The government should not make such a health care decision for women. A woman should make that decision with her family and her doctor in the context of her own religious and ethical values. Federal funding should be allowed for family planning. The current federal policy concerning embryonic stem cell research should be changed to allow more research.


Edwards' campaign Web site: Women for Edwards
The decision about whether to become a parent is one of the most important decisions that a woman can face. Edwards believes that she should make it with her family, her doctor and in the context of her religious and ethical values. He will protect and defend the right to choose and reverse the damage that has been done by President Bush's anti-choice agenda.


On the Issues: John Edwards on Abortion


Q: What is your view on the decision on partial-birth abortion and most of the public agreeing with the court's holding?


A: This decision by the Supreme Court is a perfect example of what's at stake in this election. The kind of people that will be appointed to the US Supreme Court by the next president will control whether a woman's freedom, freedom to choose, make her own health care decisions will be made by her or will be made by the government or by some men sitting on the US Supreme Court. Now, on the issue of abortion, I believe in a woman's right to choose, but I think this is an extraordinarily difficult issue for America. I think it is very important for the president of the United States to recognize--while I believe the government should not make these health-care decisions for women--I believe they should have the freedom to make them themselves--this is a very difficult issue for many people. And I think we have to show respect for people who have different views about this. -- Source: South Carolina 2007 Democratic primary debate, on MSNBC Apr 26, 2007


-- Las Vegas Sun new media managing editor Dave Toplikar contributed to this report.

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