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October 19, 2017

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2008 Elections

John McCain on Health Care


He believes that insurance reforms should increase the variety and affordability of insurance coverage available to American families by fostering competition and innovation. He also wants to reform the tax code to end bias toward employer-sponsored health insurance, provide all individuals with a $2,500 tax credit ($5,000 for families) to increase incentives to get insurance. He supports buying health insurance across state lines. He supports insurance plans that are portable. He also supports allowing people to get their insurance not only through employers, but through any organization or association they choose. Such plans would have to meet rigorous standards and certification.


McCain's Web site: "The biggest problem with the American health care system is that it costs too much."


YouTube video: In an interview with the Portsmouth Herald, McCain details his health care plan.


YouTube video: McCain discusses the three main proponents of his health care plan with the Kaiser Family Foundation's "Health Care '08"


— Las Vegas Sun new media managing editor Dave Toplikar compiled this report.

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