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November 18, 2017

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2008 Elections

Mitt Romney on Health Care


(Romney dropped out of the Republican presidential contest on Feb. 7, 2008, following disappointing results in the Feb. 5 Super Tuesday primary contests.)

Mitt Romney's vision of extending health care to everyone is one in which states implement programs for health care as opposed to a federally mandated health care system or raising taxes. Romney believes that through providing primary care to people, larger, more expensive health care problems can be avoided. As he did in his own state of Massachusetts when he was governor from 2002-2006, Romney would implement market reforms that would drive down health care costs. According to Romney, the costs would fluctuate depending upon each state's planned proposal. As incentive, Romney's health care plan would allow those that purchase their own health insurance to deduct premiums, deductibles and co-payments form their income. However, unlike the Massachusetts model, Romney says he would not make health care mandatory on a national level.


Face to Face video: Jon Ralston interview Romney about health care (starts at 5:51 on video).


Romney's Web site: Read more about his plan


Romney's Web site: At a town hall meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, Romney answers a question about the preventative measures his health care plan would provide.


YouTube Video: Romney discusses the success of private health insurance that he implemented while governor in Massachusetts.


— Las Vegas Sun intern Jenna Kohler and new media managing editor Dave Toplikar compiled this report.

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