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August 19, 2017

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2008 Elections

Ralph Nader on Environment and Energy

As might be expected with any Green Party affiliate, Ralph Nader has strong opinions when it comes to the issues of energy and the environment.

He strongly believes that the country is too dependent, "addicted" even, to fossil fuels.  In his blog, Nader criticizes current presidential candidates, saying none of them will address the commercial interests of the U.S. Energy Department. He adds, "We need a major environmental health agenda that challenges these entrenched interests with major new initiatives in solar energy, doubling motor vehicle fuel efficiency, and other quantified sustainable and clean energy technologies."

When it comes to Nader's energy policy, he supports environmentally friendly policies, including wind and other forms of renewable solar power.  In 2004, he pointed out in his weekly column that the U.S. is behind most of Europe and Japan when it comes to utilizing renewable energy. In a Jan. 14, 2008 blog, Nader also called for a end to "environmental racism," which he says leads to contaminated water and air, as well as toxic dumps in poor neighborhoods.

YouTube video: Nader enters the race
Nader talks about why he is running for president and what issues he feels are important, among them is nuclear power, which he says is "rearing it's radioactive head."

— Las Vegas Sun new media intern April Corbin compiled this report.

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