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November 22, 2017

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Legislative Issues

Response Votes
Consider increasing document recording fees. 0% 0
Consider legislative action to eliminate Recorder’s Office. 0% 0
Seek legislation to consolidate elections with municipal elections. 20% 1
Assessor–Consider making “cap” a rolling or an average before reducing property tax values of hitting cap. 0% 0
Treasurer–Get legislation AB307 passed again – make print move to online. 20% 1
Clerk's Office–Raise licensing fees. 0% 0
Consider the consolidation of business license services within local municipalities. 0% 0
Business License–Investigate the increase of fees, at least to national average. 20% 1
Comprehensive Planning–County should have legislative ability to create and change fees. 0% 0
Consider raising Comprehensive Planning fees where possible. 0% 0
Juvenile Justice Services–Funding should be adjusted by the state orservices should be cuts and Juveniles sent to other facilities. 0% 0
Review fees paid by family in Juvenile Justice System to ensure those who can afford pay their fair share. 0% 0
Juvenile Justice Services–Consider legislation to allow Clark County to charge youth and parents for probation and intake services. 0% 0
Public Works–Get Federal money for Beltway, both for reimbursement and to pay for new projects. 0% 0
Public Works–Seek legislative assistance for future planning and maintenance to ease the disparate distribution of resources north and south. 0% 0
Public Administrator and Public Guardian functions should be remerged or consolidated under an appointed professional. 0% 0
Social Services cannot be cut in Clark County by the state without a state analysis of impact of cuts in the south vs. the north. 0% 0
Socia Service–Legislation must be initiated to correct disparate distributions with state and county. 0% 0
Social Service–Consider increasing the wage base (required by the state) for long-term care patients, so the state assumes more responsibility. 0% 0
Family Services cannot be cut in Clark County by the state without a state analysis of impact of cuts in the south vs. the north. 0% 0
Consider legislative action so the County has the ability to sell UMC if that is the direction that is found most practicable. 0% 0
UMC–Attempt to increase reimbursement rates for IGT (DSP and UPL) programs. 0% 0
UMC–Seek legislative relief for disparate distribution of funding from the State, State Medicare, etc. 0% 0
All–NRS 288 should be amended to add a provision that all contracts shall contain a reopen clause in those instances when a severe financial emergency exists. 0% 0
All–Increase fees and services where possible. Prepare appropriate legislative agenda to ask Carson City for proper authority/approval to increase fees/fines. 0% 0
All–Consider proposed Legislation for implementing home rule in Clark County. 0% 0
All–Prepare legislative agenda to address north-south financing disparities. 20% 1
All–Consider contacting legislators to carry bills for the county in order to consider more than the four bill drafts allotted to the County. 20% 1
All–Enact legislation that amends NRS 345 that allows only the County to use surplus enterprise funds under extreme financial deficits of the County. 0% 0
Total Votes 5

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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