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November 19, 2017

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Resource / Staff / Program Reallocation or Reduction: Departmental Efficiencies

Response Votes
All–Consolidate administrative functions across department. Consider the centralization of IT, Human Resources and Finance functions. 0% 0
A review should be made of the need and cost of Treasurer publications in order to reduce expenses. 0% 0
Review Real Property Management practices to make sure Clark County is getting market rates for leases. 10% 1
Human Resources–Consider the cost and type of trainings offered for cost saving opportunities. 0% 0
Finance–Establish a schedule to review and evaluate equipment and vehicle usageby department. Reassign, remove or sell equipment and vehicles that are no longer needed or are no longer cost effective. 10% 1
District Attorney's Office–The County needs a centralized grant writing operation. 0% 0
Review District Attorney fixed costs. 0% 0
Fire–Investigate why there are so many 911 IT requests for repairs. 10% 1
Fire–The automatic response of engine/rescue trucks to provide EMS services may be quicker, but providing triage after might be left to be handled by AMR. 10% 1
Clark County Fire Department needs to be more proactive in finding efficiencies. 0% 0
Fire–Consider reorganization and other alternatives to address salary and overtime usage. 20% 2
Consider an independent audit of Fire Department to find efficiencies that can be implemented. 10% 1
Consider value of adding Firefighters rather than the cost of overtime. 10% 1
Fire–Consideration should be given to combine paid/volunteer stations in the suburban districts. 0% 0
Identify opportunities to combine customer service roles in the Coroner’s Office. 0% 0
Parks and Recreation–Safekey should be coordinated with school district and utilize nonprofits such as the Boys’ and Girls’ Club. 0% 0
Social Services–ions should be considered as a long term plan to increase efficiencies and cost reductions by engaging a seamless program of services through coordination. 0% 0
Maintain current level of operation in Family Services. 0% 0
All–County needs a centralized grant writing program - currently these seem to be "boutique" programs by department - no control, coordination, planning, or priority. 10% 1
Review duplication of services that may exist between Administrative Services and Commission / Administration. 10% 1
Clerk's Office–Make more services available online. 0% 0
All–Seek to reduce enterprise departments in general funded facilities. 0% 0
Total Votes 10

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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