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October 17, 2017

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Union Related Issues / Salaries / Overtime

Response Votes
Consider reorganization and other alternatives to address salary and overtime usage in the Fire Department. 20% 6
Fire–Union needs to consider making salary adjustments due to the decrease in property tax. 16% 5
Fire–If higher paid OT staff are replaced with new lower-paid staff, the calculation would showthat OT to the level abused within the Fire Department is not cost effective. 20% 6
All– Change the provisions of "the buy back of vacation time and sick leave" which would set the standard for negotiating contracts. 6% 2
All–The only way to truly cut costs in a General Fund is to cut staff, hours, salaries and/or benefits. 6% 2
All–Consider a salary survey to see if the County is comparable with the private sector. 0% 0
All union contracts should have a provision that allows for a reduction in pay under extreme financial deficits of the County. 0% 0
All–Tie merit increases of senior management to the management of Key Service indicators (i.e., overtime, supplies, response times, effectiveness of social programs). 3% 1
All–Shift from paid time off to vacation & sick leave (at least for new hires and non-union employees). 0% 0
All–Eliminate, reduce sick leave sell back and longevity pay. 13% 4
All–Tie Cost of Living Adjustments to some local market index. 6% 2
All–Implement a county wide distribution of merit increase. 6% 2
Total Votes 30

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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