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Feds snatch counties’ share of money from geothermal leases
Without the funds, rural governments struggle to provide basic services
Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Rural Nevada counties have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in income over the past year because of a federal money grab that has yet to be reversed.
Republic's purchase of Evergreen could bring recycling boost
Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Recycling in Las Vegas finally may become the norm, thanks in part to Republic Services’ purchase of the Las Vegas-based recycling company Evergreen.
Battered women of recession
Monday, July 19, 2010
When she was a young woman, Peggy Tauber was on top of the world. She loved her job as a secretary, was married, had a child and a beautiful home. Then life threw Peggy a few curve balls. She divorced her husband after seven years. She lost the beautiful home, the comfortable lifestyle. But she still had a job and her daughter. At least until the Great Recession.
Legislation would grant states revenue from clean-energy projects
Reid, Heller seek to change BLM policy on leasing solar sites
Saturday, July 17, 2010
Nevada could finally make some money off the dozens of giant solar arrays and wind farms planned for its deserts and mountain peaks if legislation introduced by Rep. Dean Heller and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid passes.
NV Energy fares poorly in customer satisfaction survey
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
NV Energy came in dead last in customer satisfaction in the annual J.D. Power and Associates Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study for large utilities in the western United States.
Harry Reid, Dean Heller back clean energy legislation
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Congressman Dean Heller and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today introduced legislation that would extend royalties and lease income from solar and wind projects to home states and counties. "This bill will ensure the legacy of renewable energy development in Nevada and across the west," Heller said.
Republic Services, Evergreen Recycling announce merger
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Republic Services is acquiring Las Vegas-based recycling company Evergreen Recycling, the companies announced today.
EPA releases tips to avoid overexposure to sun
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Nevada has some of the highest ultraviolet radiation levels in the nation but with careful steps, Las Vegans can avoid the worst impacts of exposure to the sun, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
New solar test zone brightens the future of Las Vegas
Friday, July 9, 2010
In the 1950s, the Nevada Test Site provided the evidence that U.S. nuclear capability was far ahead of the rest of the world’s. The federal reservation 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas is now tasked with making the nation the global leader in solar power.
Solar research facility planned for Nevada Test Site
Thursday, July 8, 2010
Nevada took another step on Thursday toward becoming a world leader in the solar energy field. The state will be home to the nation’s first solar research testing ground, planned for the Nevada Test Site.
Bottom feeders muscling other species out of way
Invasive carp not content to just swim in the mud; they’re destroying other fish habitats
Tuesday, July 6, 2010
In the depths of Nevada’s streams and reservoirs lies a voracious bully of a fish bent on becoming king of the bottom feeders. Carp — ugly brown fish from Europe and Asia that can grow to more than three feet long and 35 pounds in Nevada waters — are eating most of the food and damaging the nesting habitat for native fish and birds in waters across the state.
Wet winter set stage for big fire threat
Extra inch of rain means there’s lots more to burn
Saturday, June 26, 2010
Every thunderstorm or carload of tourists near Tom Paddon’s Mount Charleston home worries him. The 55-year-old knows one lightning strike, unattended barbecue or carelessly tossed cigarette can send a wall of flames down the canyon in which he lives.
Bill seeks to expedite land leases to solar developers
State would get money, but critics say auction plan would slow some projects
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Solar energy could finally directly contribute to government coffers in Nevada if legislation proposed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Rep. Dean Heller becomes law.
Remote California town blazes trail with solar plant that saves water
New technology uses less water, which suits Nevada’s climate
Sunday, June 13, 2010
On the southern horizon is a new breed of solar plant, one that could be a game changer for the industry. Just across the California border, Nipton has unveiled a sun-powered generator that is expected to provide about 85 percent of the town’s electricity over the course of a year.
State promoting small-scale urban solar development
Friday, June 11, 2010
Even though Nevada’s coffers are nearly empty, that shouldn’t be an obstacle to a new tack to grow the state’s solar energy industry.
NV Energy hopeful waste wood will become an energy source
By 2025, a quarter of Nevada’s energy must come from renewable sources
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
NV Energy’s experimental use of wood chips in one of its coal plants was a bit of a flop, but the utility and state officials are hoping it will wind up being the first step toward using waste wood that is stacking up in Nevada.
Bottom feeder’s arrival in Nevada lakes worries wildlife officials
Saturday, June 5, 2010
Move over quagga and zebra mussels, a new invasive mollusk is making waves in Nevada. Sport fishermen and state wildlife officials are worried about New Zealand mudsnails after a colony of the tiny critters was found on a boat ramp at Lake Tahoe last week.
State reveals plan to step up solar energy development
Friday, June 4, 2010
Nevada is serious about going solar. The state already has more solar energy per capita than any other, but with its small population that hasn't meant much to solar developers and manufacturers. Enter the state Office of Energy.
Teen named Nevada's new environmental youth ambassador
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Lidiya “Lida” Kilchenko is Nevada’s new “environmental youth ambassador.” The 17-year-old Advanced Technologies Academy junior will represent the state in Australia this summer and will work to make Nevada a cleaner, more energy- and water-efficient state upon her return.
Water Authority eyes power for pipeline plan
Monday, May 31, 2010
Southern Nevada Water Authority is on the verge of getting into the geothermal power business. The water agency purchased a lease on 4,473 acres south of Ely from the Bureau of Land Management.
Geothermal energy loses a bit of its steam
Monday, May 31, 2010
Geothermal energy development is a growth industry for Nevada, even though it doesn’t look as hot as it did a couple of years ago. In the latest leasing of BLM parcels, geothermal energy developers picked up more than 284,000 acres.
UNLV researchers take role to boost, not undermine, nuclear industry
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
The potential future of American nuclear waste is again in Nevada’s hands — but this time it has nothing to do with under-mountain storage. The U.S. Energy Department on Thursday awarded two UNLV research programs $1.45 million in grants.
EPA files charges over hazardous waste dumping in Northern Nevada
Monday, May 24, 2010
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency files hazardous waste dumping charges against Gardnerville businessman Reed Skenandore.
Stricter EPA rules to affect Las Vegas' air quality compliance
Friday, May 21, 2010
Jared Blumenfeld is director of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 9, where he oversees U.S. environmental policy in Nevada, California, Arizona, Hawaii, the Pacific islands and 140 Western tribal nations.
A day to celebrate endangered plants and animals
Fish and Wildlife Service wants people to enjoy endangered species
Friday, May 21, 2010
Raise a glass to your favorite pupfish, Southern Nevadans, because today is Endangered Species Day. Perhaps this is the first you’re hearing of it. The auspicious day, when we celebrate the critters we haven’t quite managed to annihilate, is in its fifth year.

Brookings Institution leader Strobe Talbott to speak at UNLV
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Strobe Talbott has been tracking — and making — international news for decades. He was Time magazine’s principal correspondent on Soviet-American relations through the 1980s. Then he became deputy secretary of state for his college buddy and fellow Rhodes Scholar, Bill Clinton, from 1994-2001.
State energy office extends deadline for appliance rebates
Friday, May 14, 2010
The Nevada State Office of Energy this week has extended the deadline for people who've made reservations for appliance rebates to mail in their applications.
Utilities see bright side to new Senate energy legislation
Friday, May 14, 2010
Two East Coast senators unveiled climate-change legislation Thursday aimed at reducing carbon emissions in the U.S. and lessening the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, but the bill likely will have little effect locally.
Climate change creating boom of allergy-causing plants
Plant life’s pollen assault on desert dwellers is only going to get more pronounced, experts say
Thursday, May 13, 2010
Itchy eyes and swollen sinuses — these are the signs of spring in Las Vegas. And parts of summer. Oh, and a bit of fall, too. It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when people suffering from respiratory illnesses flocked to the Mojave Desert to escape allergens. But then their neighbors planted olive and mulberry trees, and what was once a haven became hell for a growing number of residents.
Las Vegas man added to EPA fugitive list
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
A Las Vegas man was added to the EPA fugitive list today after failing to surrender to federal authorities following his indictment for criminal violations of the Clean Air Act.
Energy chief stuns environmentalists with renewable energy approach
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Nevada’s energy director dropped a bombshell a few weeks ago when he issued a combat-themed declaration about renewable energy. Some involved with such projects say it revealed Jim Groth to be ill suited for his post.
On a path to energy efficiency
FERC chairman preaches proactive management of electricity demand as precursor to smart grid
Friday, May 7, 2010
When Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Jon Wellinghoff came to town this week to speak to thousands of energy experts and engineers from across the U.S., it marked his return to the state that made him what he is today.
Talking trash: Seeking ways to take out persistent problem
Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Last year more than 3,700 cubic yards of illegally dumped trash was hauled off public land in Southern Nevada. Even if you spread it out over a football field, that garbage would be almost two feet deep. And that’s just the amount found and removed from public land.
Nevada Small Business Development Center gets energy efficiency grant
Friday, April 30, 2010
The Nevada Small Business Development Center is among seven small business incubators awarded federal grants aimed at energy efficiency. The NSBDC will receive $125,000 under the program. It is the second year it has received a grant under the U.S. Small Business Administration program.
New EcoCentre recycling complex could help planet and economy
Thursday, April 29, 2010
By early 2011, Republic Services should have its massive EcoCentre recycling complex completed in North Las Vegas, and hopes are that the “Eco” part of its name might also stand for “economic development.”
Solar manufacturer First Solar buying developer NextLight Renewable Power
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Solar manufacturer First Solar is buying solar developer NextLight Renewable Power in an estimated $285 million deal, the companies announced today.
New wave of solar plants could worsen air quality
Monday, April 26, 2010
The most popular type of industrial solar technology has a dirty little secret: Many of these plants are not emission-free.
Weatherization program proves popular
Thursday, April 22, 2010
Easter Seals of Nevada has long trained people with disabilities for careers, but recently it began training able-bodied folks to audit buildings’ energy use and to modify buildings to reduce their cooling and heating costs.
Gibbons appoints Mark Amodei to Colorado River Commission
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Gov. Jim Gibbons today announced the appointment of Northern Nevada state senator Mark Amodei to the Colorado River Commission.
State appoints new engineer on water issues
Monday, April 19, 2010
The state of Nevada has appointed Jason King as the new state engineer. King is an engineer and has worked for the Division of Water Resources for more than 19 years.
Nuclear advocate scours Nevada seeking converts
Saturday, April 17, 2010
Many Nevadans are passionate about nuclear energy. The state’s population overwhelmingly opposes the planned nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain. But hundreds of miles north of the mountain is a man dedicated to changing Nevadans’ thinking on nuclear energy.
'Strike force' aims to learn why state lacks renewable energy projects
Friday, April 16, 2010
Nevada is launching a "strike force" to find out why the state is not getting more renewable energy projects.
Storms haven't reversed Lake Mead's low water levels
Thursday, April 15, 2010
Although the El Niño has brought large storms to the southwest, it hasn't been enough to reverse the shrinking of Lake Mead, Southern Nevada Water Authority staff reported at the agency's monthly board meeting Thursday.
Bridge is part journey and part destination
Wednesday, April 14, 2010
After being awed by Yosemite, Esther Hanner drove alongside a man-made wonder in the making just outside Boulder City. “We were on our way back to Nashville and we came around one of those hairpin turns at Hoover Dam and looked up and saw just those columns they had up at that time,” she recalls.
Recommendations made on curbing effects of wind farms
Tuesday, April 13, 2010
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today delivered to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar recommendations on minimizing wind farms' impacts on wildlife and its habitat.
Las Vegas can’t handle another era of unimpeded growth, study says
Monday, April 12, 2010
A report says that if the Las Vegas Valley’s population grows to capacity, even the most stringent water conservation measures won’t be enough to ensure that everyone has enough H2O.
Access to more natural gas may bring down bills
Pipeline expansion will help local utility plants keep costs down
Friday, April 9, 2010
A planned expansion of a natural gas pipeline in northern Utah could lower a surcharge on Las Vegas Valley electric bills by the end of next year.
Nuclear industry suing feds to stop Yucca payments
Monday, April 5, 2010
The Nuclear Energy Institute and several nuclear energy companies are suing the federal government over fees their customers pay for nuclear waste management programs.
Democrats celebrate successes, raise cash at Jefferson Jackson Dinner
Former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore gives keynote speech
Saturday, March 27, 2010
Hundreds of Nevada Democrats met in Las Vegas Saturday to raise money for their state and national candidates and to celebrate the political successes of the past year.
With summer approaching, some sweating out how to pay power bills
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
While most people are raving about the warm early spring days, the weather has Glenn Tshudy dreading the summer, when he will run his air conditioning round-the-clock at his Henderson home.

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