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February 26, 2017

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Oct. 25, 2009

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I am not about problems, but solutions. This is an easy fix. Say you have a 4 floor casino. Smoke rises so make the top 2 floors smoking rooms on different air conditioning system units than the non-smoking 1st 2 floors. Put increased oxygen in the non-smoking floors. Casino save money by just putting incresed oxygen in the non-smoking floors. I don't think the smoking floors would care about the oxygen to much since they are putting smoke in their lungs, already. Relax, smokers just telling the truth. Then, all the dealers and employees that smoke work the top 2 smoke floors and the dealers and employees that don't smoke work the non-smoking 2 bottom floors. Then the law-suits stop and everybody is happy especially the casinos. Casinos, know when you add more oxygen to the room players have more energy and if they have more energy they stay longer. That also solves the problem of them feeling that non-smoking rooms are less profitable. Plus, if dealers and employees want to rotate between smoking and non-smoking floors they can. Give them an option. If workers get sick with any condition that affects their upper respiratory system or sinuses then let them work on the non-smoking floors until they recover or they will be sick for a long time working on the smoking floors and contemplate sueing the casino for health issues. Have the casino do employee signed questionnaires of their work enviroments quarterly and you will find out problems of the work envirnments way before somebody is actually going to sue. Be proactive to problems instead of reactive to them is my motto. Problem solved!

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