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Nov. 16, 2010

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Our cops are trained at the academy. I am 71 years old and could certainly get away from or stop a guy with a walking stick or cane. If this cop was so afraid for his life, then I think that this thin skinned dude should look for a safer office type job. I don't think that the cops should shoot unless the "bad guy" is SHOOTING at them. Last I knew, most walking sticks or canes or clubs don't have gun barrels built on to them.

I spoke to the girl at the speede mart and she laughed about it when I told her I left my cane at home. I told her that I was glad that it wasn't her husband or father or grandfather or uncle or brother that was laying dead in the parking lot for three hours. She laughed again and started telling me I wasn't there how did I know. Little she knows before spouting off!!!

The cops had NO right in killing this guy. Then they (the cops) came up with the deal about his past. That is exactly right....his PAST!!! If he had mental problems...they should have attended to that at the time. NOT kill the guy. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. I HOPE THAT THIS COP CAN LIVE WITH HIMSELF. HE PROBABLY CAN BECAUSE HE IS A COP AND HE CAN INTERPRET THE LAW HOWEVER HE WANTS CAUSE HIS DEPARTMENT WILL BACK HIM UP. OH, YEAH, THE DEPARTMENT WASN'T AT THE SCENE EITHER!!!!!

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