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February 27, 2017

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Feb. 2, 2011

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I hope that Joseph Patella has learned a valuable lesson.

That is to never miss a chance to shut up.

Here is some advice for you.
Let's say you are armed.
And one day or night, pick your scenario, a scumbag or multiple scumbags accosts you and maybe your mom to rob, rape and murder you.
This happens a lot but mostly to unarmed victims.

For armed victims, two in the chest and one in the head is my preferred method.

If you must shoot to save yourself from harm in a manner of self defense...
Do not call the police or tell anyone.
Go home. Take a shower. Pray to your God for forgiveness that you had to do that to protect you and your mom or dad or girlfriend or whoever you were with.
And then shut up!!!!!!!

And I suggest a revolver over an automatic.
That way you don't need to worry about spent shell casings left lying around.
But if only have an automatic. Learn how to use it. And pick up your ejected shell casings

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mosquito1010 makes some good points but he undermined his arguement with his last line..

Mosquito1010 who do you think built those roads that you would use to drive to Elko or Salt Lake city?
Tax payers.

At least for the most part, the airports are paid for by the users via taxes on airplane fuel and aircraft registration,. not by tax payers in general.

Even saying that, to get to Elko or Salt lake city you need to build AND MAINTAIN two roads that go all the way to both of those cities.
But to fly there you only need a road less than one mile long.
Call that road a RUNWAY.

The cost benefits are obvious even to the casual abserver. You don't need to plow miles and miles of roads. You don't need guard rails. You don't need cops to patrol it or a hwy crew to pick up the blown tires or the dead animal carcasses.

And this one little runway connects your town to the rest of the world.

Just wanted to throw that in. I am not much in favor of wasting taxpayer money. And I would cut every single gov't program including this one.

I am just not sure I would kill it completely.


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