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February 22, 2017

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March 29, 2010

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Well, now is the time to make the first payment of many.

Unfortunately, this buyers group agreed to pay the seller's absurd asking price of $5,000,000. That price is what the owner paid for the site and buildings at the top of the real estate market. The property now would appraise for between $1,500,000 to $2,500,000, in my professional opinion. The buyers should have had an appraisal done (which I understand that they did not) and should have been represented by an aggressive and knowledgable downtown commercial real estate agent (which I understand that they were not).

The Huntridge Revival LLC still has not applied to create a 501(c)3, nor partner with an existing previously form non-profit to save the Huntridge Theatre. This step would gain the confidence of many of us who have sat out so far, but who believe in the project and are willing to help under certain conditions.

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Fretwell gets 2 YEARS of Nevada PERS retirement compensation for every 1 YEAR of service as City of Las Vegas City Manager. I know--It is in her Employment Contract, and it is unprecedented in the State. This extra benefit is worth 44% of her gross annual salary rather than the 22% that is placed into all other City employee's State retirement plan. (US Social Security is NOT deducted from City employee paychecks, so PERS is their retirement fund for city service time.) Fretwell worked at Henderson and Clark County before Las Vegas, so she will have her FULL 30 YEAR PERS RETIREMENT completed in the next few years.

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Clearly, there is more to this story. Waiting for Mr.Martin's toxicology suggests that he had drugs or alcohol in his system while on duty.

What was Mr. Martin guarding / patrolling at Bridger between 8th and 9th--Las Vegas Academy, the renovated office building. Or newer apartment building?

How did Valbracht and Martin get into a fight?

Valbracht surrendered at the scene.

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First priority of First Friday should always be to drive visitation and sales to local galleries and storefront businesses in the Arts District. Second priority should be scheduled and informal music near the galleries to attract visitors. Third priority is allowing local artists sell their art. Fourth is providing food and beverage to keeping everyone there until 9-10pm.

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