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February 20, 2017

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Anthony D Funches
June 24, 2010

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MANY Years ago, I had a Christmas Tree Lot in Denver; "Santa Claus & His Ol' Lady's Christmas Trees". Inspired by Cheech & Chong's Christmas Single by that same name, we had inordinate Tons Of Fun; We decided to only "Break Even", & When we "sensed" that the customer couldn't really AFFORD the Tree, we gave it to them for what they COULD afford. Since I was active in the Denver Music & Radio biz, I collected un-used Record Promo items from the closets of my Record Company Promo pals & gave them away with each purchase.

I believe now, as I did then: Christmas isn't ABOUT "Making A Financial Killing". It's about, for a fleeting moment, just seeing smiles on the faces of your fellow human beings.

Christmas Trees Bouncing Back? That has more to do with Failed MBAs sucking the Life OUT OF Christmas more than All of Us putting The Spirit of Christmas IN to The Holiday Season. Barbarians At The Gates ...

(Suggest removal) 12/3/10 at 4:13 a.m.

Please FORGIVE ME, but, I'm an Ol' Fart! I remember when The punks OWNING the real estate RAN the operation inside. All these Super Star "Entrepreneurs" handing over their nightclubs to some outside operator & then sniveling when that success spills over elsewhere is beyond MY comprehension. After ANYBODY Googles my name, you'll know I had fun everywhere with everybody, back when ya hadda have SPINE to run a joint.

Maloof has a snivel? Who could POSSIBLY CARE?!?!?

I'm sure several Bunnies, Hostesses, NBA Groupies, Financial Jail Bait & Republicrat "Operatives" will "comfort" him & the Grand Heartache he MUST be feeling ...


(Suggest removal) 10/14/10 at 4:04 p.m.

NOT A SINGLE PENNY OF PUBLIC MONEY. NONE. Nevada allegedly hates "Big Government - Tax & Spend - SUBSIDIES - BAILOUTS"? Put up AND Shut-Up! Listen carefully: NOT A SINGLE PENNY. PERIOD.

I like Oscar, he used to represent my (deceased) friend Charlie Blu, so it's hard to admonish such a Mensch ... BUT ... let the arena do it with their OWN money, NOT MINE ... Cheers, TF

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