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Sept. 23, 2008

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Thanks Dahn Shaulis, I personally appreciate your contribution (s). Being provided with some "factual information" should be helpful to those who assume that a level playing field exists for ALL. The People should quit crying foul and, take responsibility for their own community! When a SYSTEM (created by men) actively ignores and basic tenants of FREEDOM, JUSTICE and EQUALITY it then, rejects the legitimate rights of others to protest and to petition for a remedy, this is an attack on JUSTICE to every person, not just one group. We are different, GOD made it that way. No matter what we perceive our differences are, we will always be linked together in terms of our basic needs. The ability to recognize our differences and not be personally threatened by them is the path to HUMANITY, this is what separates US from ANIMALS. I am inspired by the diverse opinions as long as there is discussion there is progress.

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Clearly, the reporter who wrote this story doesn't have all the information. The State of Nevada isn't the most credible of agencies when it comes to "program administration". This is a prime example of mismangement on the part of the State and an attempt to scapegoat an agency providing service. NBS (Nevada Business Services) is another such example. Initially, the State alleged that,there were millions in questionable expenditures and, it was not until they destroyed the agency and disenfranchised 1500 youths from obtaining summer employment did they then say that, there was no money misappropriated, only poor accounting practices. The State is in danger of losing their designation from the Department of Education if they didn't go after the Smart Start Summer Food Service Program, so they did.

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