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May 29, 2009

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Ray, thank you for your encouragement for Faith. Win or lose, we're glad to be in 4A and playing many of the finest teams in the valley. Congratulations to all the hard-working players out there and best of luck this season.

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Let's see, what else does New Mexico have? Oh yes, two national laboratories that conduct energy research, including nuclear-related; the Alamogordo missile test and training range; and the WIPP mid-level nuclear waste repository. Not to mention a university with a functioning nuclear power plant and associated instructional program, and a business community that welcomes high-tech companies.

What I'm getting at here is for decades, New Mexico's political leaders have consistently supported science and technology programs and welcomed federal dollars to finance them. The business community participated enthusiastically, and their universities became leaders in high-tech fields.

In contrast to Nevada, where Senator Reid managed to eliminate 1,000 jobs at the Yucca Mountain Project during the nation's worst recession in history, resulting in a "brain drain" when those people were forced to leave the state (many of them for New Mexico, btw). Our Congressional delegation ridicules the Department of Energy and tells outright lies about Yucca Mountain. We have a huge dropout rate, and our local university is cutting programs and laying off staff.

If you were the federal government, which state would you be inclined to send federal dollars to? One that supports the Department of Energy or one that doesn't? If you were a high-tech business, where would you be more likely to relocate? A state where people understand a support your mission or someplace where the Development Authority thinks "high-tech" means a call center with multi-line phones? If you were a science or engineering student, which university would you want to attend?

If Nevada wants to "set the pace," I think we're going to need to get rid of our current political establishment, starting with Senator Reid -- and replace them with new leaders who will work FOR Nevadans, not against them.

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Thanks for all the nice comments about Norm Ellenberger and New Mexico during the 1970s. Ellenberger was both colorful and controversial, but it was never dull back then! The residents of Albuquerque love their Lobos just like Las Vegas loves the Rebels, so I think that's what makes games between the two teams so great.

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I totally relate to the frustration you feel, Jon, when a newspaper publisher makes false assertions.

I feel the exact same thing every time Brian Greenspun and the Sun misrepresent facts about such topics as the Yucca Mountain repository and what Harry Reid has done for the people of Nevada. Which seem to be inextricably linked in this newspaper, in that the purported "shutting down" of the repository project -- and the loss of 1,500 high-paying jobs for Nevadans -- is about the only accomplishment of Reid's that the Sun ever seems to be able to come up with.

I respect you and your opinions very much, but have a hard time sympathizing with your article because it was published in this newspaper. I just have a vision of Brian Greenspun heaving rocks at the R-J building from his own glass house.

(Suggest removal) 9/1/09 at 12:47 a.m.

On behalf of myself and the other 750 educated, professional Las Vegas residents who were laid off from the Yucca Mountain Project earlier this year, I just want to thank the Las Vegas Sun, Brian Greenspun, and Harry Reid for your continued progress in turning Southern Nevada into a true desert, economically speaking.

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