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February 20, 2017

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July 17, 2010

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Do I agree with the statment of critism, love the fetus, hate the child, YES! These people are narrow minded. I was raised by my grandparents who lived thru the Great Depression. My grandmother taught me how to cook since I was very young. Here's an example.. Bag of flour, at the most $1.59, Bag of sugar $2.28, 1 dozen eggs, $.99, 1 quart of milk, $.99, 1 box of 100 tea bags, $2.88. From this I can make myself a cup of tea for 100 DAYS! I can make pancakes, biscuits, use the biscuits to make french toast {add cinnamon for $.99) It can be done, but not if one was never trained in it.

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Isn't it interesting that the focus is ALWAYS on the east side of town?? Why the He@@ are these cops not in Summerlin??? Oh yeah, I forgot,Summerlin doesn't have any people on cell phones, just killer cops shooting innocent people at a Walmart. Why don't you killers step up to the plate and cover ALL areas????? To those of you that said you would be afraid of someone in a leather vest or coat that had a gun...get a life! Don't judge a book by it's cover.

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TEA.. thanx for the stats on household income. It just confirms to me all you tea carpetbaggers whose love for corporations are VERY un-American!!

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girly girly, I wonder where they are also. My question is.. Why don't they put bleach on a food line at a buffet ar one of our "WODERFUL" casinos. Most likely because they would serve it anyway. USDA approved??give me a break!!!!!

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My sister lives in NC, she grows her own fruits and vegetables AND share them with neighbors!!! The man that lives next door, meaning 1/4 a mile away is allowed to hunt deer and wild turkey on their property. He cleans the meats and cuts them up for them, as well as share the extras with other neighbors. SUPRISE, no one has gotten sick. It's the unnaturally processed foods that make us sick! This "food inspector" is just trying to justify his job. PS.. no pesticides in any of THEIR food.

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