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May 27, 2012

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She is a celebrity that is known all over the world..She is also out all over the valley at various events, and fundraisers, so she gets lots of good exposure for Las Vegas, unlike some celebrities.The LV area needs a good personality to promote it, and Holly is a good choice. Oscar did when he was in office, and now Holly is. I would rather see her doing it than say Paris Hilton.

As to local women. Yes there are some top notch ladies out there, but are they at all of the events, and fundraisers that Holly is? Holly has basically become a spokesmodel for Las Vegas, and there is room for more, so if you know someone else that can help do the job, have them step up.

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Yes, the Springs Preserve is a nice attraction, but I feel that it is over priced for most folks to visit often. Now they want to charge even more to ride a train around. Sounds like the Government, we need more money-raise taxes. Springs Preserve-we are not making enough - more tickets. How about dropping prices, or just an all inclusive, then work on getting more people out there. Try out a $5 all inclusive entry fee, and see how it does. Not a locals only deal either, everyone.

Team up with the Strip casinos to get tourists out there, so that they see that Las Vegas is more than just gambling. LV needs to diversify its economic base if it wants to move forward, and this is one way to do that.By getting tourists out, and about off the Strip they will spend money in other businesses therby helping the general area. Not saying that this will ever be the next San Diego wild animal park, but more people through the doors means more people who know that LV is not just casinos, and shows.

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