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Nov. 12, 2008

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I have watched Gold Butte become ransacked by visitors and no management. It is population growth in St. George UT and Las Vegans and their toys looking for a place to go. This would be happening even if the "crazies" weren't working to protect the area. Gold Butte needs education information, ranger presence and the BLM needs to step and do their job managing it. And the time is NOW.

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The city of Mesquite is not a dead town. Mesquite is transforming from a small town into a progressive community. We have new opportunities in our valley due to Mayor Susan Holecheck's hard work and dedicated city staff. The "boom" times may have past but, we are definitely not a "bust"!

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What if no one bought the very first expensive "pong" video game or that first 20 pound cell phone, computer... Demand makes the products more efficient and cost effective
We need solar

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I don't think I am an environmentalist, but I like to hike, bird watch, study petroglyphs, and listen to silence. That is why I want to see wilderness in Gold Butte. It will balance out the 480 miles of roads the ATVers' need to play.

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Perhaps Bringtherain is on to a really good point. Gold Butte should be designated a National Park. That will bring more funding, protect the resources on the ground and add facilities for visitation and education.
Gold Butte National Park!

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