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June 6, 2009

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For all those who support "sin", let's see where it has benefited you. Here in Dallas, home prices have fallen 7.3% since the peak in August 2006. In Vegas, they have fallen 53.4% during the same time frame. Yes, let's have more scammers, whores, murders, foreclosures and bankruptcies in "sin" city. I can't wait for more of the same, especially in the neighborhoods where most Vegas people live. The apologists here just don't get what is going on in America right now. Based upon the caliber of the responders here and those who commented on that defensiveless victim who was shot in the back two nights ago in the park, I cancelled my reservations for my fall outing in Vegas. Yes, you need more prostitutes working the casinos to enhance the visitor count. Yeah, right Babe.

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Final comment: Okay, you guys can continue to assert that Vegas is an adult playground. It may be for you, but for most of us, it is not. Home prices there have fallen well over 53% since the peak, but those of us who live elsewhere have finally seen them increase marginally. They never did fall in the recession here and they at least retained their value. It seems Vegas attracts losers and those who feed off them. Vegas is one reality show after another. If Flava Flay, or whatever is his name, chooses Vegas as his hometown and those other sewer dwellers on MTV do the same, you can have it. Down here in Texas, we would take most of your celebrities out behind the barn and beat some sense into them. We produce cotton, corn, cattle, oil, seafood products, gas, and so many other agricultural products to serve the nation. And yes, you produce somethng else. What a testament to pass on to your children...whores.

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Anyone who believes that sexual excess attracts the center of America is grossly out of step. Many of us, who previously visited Vegas, have absolutely no use for this kind of behaviour. I'm so glad the Rio closed its topless/prostitution pool. Once the pendulum swings a little further back, we will resume our visits to your city. If you want the gangbangers, ho's, and the criminal element instead, keep on the same path.

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The S&P Case-Shiller Index is easily accessed on line. In June 2001, the Vegas index stood at 109.76. It peaked at 234.78 in August 2006. As of May 2009, the Vegas index has dropped back to 109.49. I'll let you work out the percentage gain and loss through this part of the cycle.

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"Union Gaming does and seeks to do business with companies and governments covered in its research reports. While Union Gaming makes every effort to provide objective reports and analysis, investors should be aware that the relationships maintained by the firm may have an inadvertent affect on the objectivity of any report," the company disclosed.

Doesn't a pimp in Vegas have a vested interest in the ho's he puts out on the street. I can't believe the LV Sun even published this article. Are they the pimp of the pimps? On Wall Street, publishers who engage in this kind of "pump and dump" are regulated and prosecuted.

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