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February 22, 2017

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Feb. 2, 2009

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@DocRebel - Agreed 100%. Does he even know how to rebound or Defend? Has he ever blocked a shot in a game? Personally, he should've took QT's advice & moved on. Team player or not, he won't see the court. I watched him all "4" years @ FP & he dominated due to competition. His true colors came out after he stepped on campus.

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@Audentes. .

Never thought about that approach, but I like it. Kind of a Brandon Jennings move.

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To be frank, I could care less about the conference only the Scarlet & Grey. I hope every team loses by 20 & New Mexico by 50. You expect me to root for SDSU? After listening to this UNM loudmouth on Saturday for the entire game say, "I HATE UNLV!!!" & "!@#$% THE REBELS", we're supposed to be all "KUMBAYA" now??

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As always, you can see "WHO" we respect & don't. That has got to change if we want to be the best.

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Coach Rice is doing an outstanding job, but to be able to put together a coaching staff like that is crazy!!!! Coach Rice, Hut, & Augmon with the calm demeanor & Coach Schroyer bringing the fire. I just hope these guys stick around. I've noticed a couple of times during timeouts when Coach Schroyer will be talking to the team in the center giving out instructions. Stand Up move, Coach Rice.

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