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February 24, 2017

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Dec. 2, 2011

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I think it's time that something be done about the police force and witnessing what these bad cops do you think these "mini-cameras" are going to show everything or are they going to "suddenly malfunction" when the bad cops want to HIDE THE EVIDENCE. How come it's not right for a regular person (as in last weeks' article of a resident videotaping a cop being bad) can't videotape what's happening in their own house or yard? It's time we all coral (like cows) all these bad cops and put them in a prison,lock the doors and then start a fire. There are more bad cops in Vegas that need to be convicted as criminals and need to be disposed of. It's amazing how money and favors talk when it comes to bad cops.

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To Mr. Chapline, I agree with you. Alot of folks will gamble away their lives...and then...all the sudden they end up HOMELESS, and are roaming the streets because they can't get home to where they came from. But then you see alot of FAKE HOMELESS or FAKE DISABLED.It's the ones who just want to panhandle and get free money sitting on the street looking for a handout from the millions of visitors that come to Las Vegas.It's the FAKE HOMELESS that give the honest to goodness homeless people a bad rap.I have seen folks are sitting on the cross bridges on the Strip who fake their vision issues and say they are blind..yet when they see a pretty women, they take off their sunglasses and really look at the person as they walk by with their eyes following.Unfortunately for Las Vegas and the homeless who hang there, these folks have to help themselves before someone else helps them.Next time I am on the Strip, I will pour some water on them to see if I get a reaction from them...especially if they say they can't walk or see.

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I was under the impression that the pagent is not only about beauty but also brains, personality and charitable achievements.Beauty should be the least of the qualifications in these competitions.

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I agree with pmmart. The word "kolache" in the Slavic language means pastry, specifically homemade, yeast-rised dough pastry. The hot dog things look like something I would make for a Cub Scout meeting using mini hot dogs and some Pillsbury crescant dough. This is nothing that original.I think that maybe this Korean owner needs to visit some of the EASTERN EUROPEAN countries (specifically Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and other countries like that) where the REAL KOLACKY's are made!!!This is NOT a new concept at all.This Korean owner needs to come to the Northeast where many of the cities are of European heritage (like Pittsburgh,Cleveland, and some cities in New Jersey).

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President Obama is working, unlike George W.Bush who was always "taking a vacation" and was never working at the office. When 911 happened, it took figure out what he was doing? President Obama has to fix everything that Georgie Porgie screwed up to fill his pockets up with a bunch of money and allow innocent kids get killed in Iraq.It was Georgie Porgie's family and himself who had 30 yrs of relationships with the Bin Laden family and both George's were only looking at their own financial interests and not the U.S.A.Maybe the U.S. should have impeached Georgie Porgie because of his ignorance!!!

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