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February 27, 2017

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Monroe Shaw
July 13, 2009

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In my younger days, I would vacation in Vegas at least twice a year, for 7 to 12 days each visit. My companion and I would always purchase a weekly Bus Pass and travel from the South Strip to Downtown (and vice versa) as often as we desired. This, of course, included stopping at the Stratosphere... which is a scheduled stop for the Strip Bus (Deuce). The environment and atmosphere for the North Strip has changed (I sincerely hope it recovers)but access to the Strat is yet quite easy.
Three cheers for the renovated Stratosphere!

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Two years ago, while vacationing in Vegas, I left a 'fanny pack' in a cab. I had traveled from The Rio (where I was playing) to Monte Carlo (where I was staying)and left my personal belongings in the cab. Well, after 3 khours of back-tracking, including visiting security at The Rio, Security at the Monte Carlo contacted me and informed me that my personal baggage was at their office, having been returned by a cab driver. I tried to contact the driver (from the card that he left) but was unsuccessful. I even emailed this newspaper in an attempt to locate the honest driver.
In any event, my experience(s) and this article shows that a lot of good, honest service personnel are available to tourists/vacationers in Las Vegas. I can hardly wait for my vacation in Vegas this year. THREE CHEERS Service personnel.

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What a phenomenal idea! What a "greeting" for Vegas visitors. This sounds like a money-maker. Lots of luck and good fortune.

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Excellent! This should be Vegas' immediate and not-too-distant future plan; to renovate existing venues. Places like this will be on my "must visit" list when my Vegas vacation rolls around. The best to The Royal House!

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Excellent! Renovate to your heart's content. Downtown Vegas is definitely on the upswing. Congratulations to the new owners of the Fitz.

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