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June 14, 2009

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High Speed Maglev is the superior technology where a 300 mph cruise speed makes sense. It certainly makes sense on the trip from Las Vegas to Anaheim and or Union Station. It can go all the way to the southern California population centers because it can handle grades railroads simply cannot negotiate. It could make the entire trip in less than one hour.

The center median of I-15 would be an excellent route and the freeway would serve as an excellent buffer for any high speed noise in populated areas. The car and truck traffic is probably louder. And two new lanes and a safer center divider could be added to the freeway as part of the same construction.

If Maglev is rejected, even though it is working in other countries, steel rail is still not the best alternative. Monorail systems can be developed to operate at speeds equal to the proposed rail and they operate silently. They also have no problems with the Cajon Pass grades. Monorails carry millions of passengers around the world and one that is well over 100 years old is still operating. Unbiased information is available at
At Your Service, Brian C. Brooks

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My approval of the maglev proposal appeared in a comment related to the first article. I also described a lower cost alternative that was much better than steel wheels on steel rails. Monorail can be developed to operate quietly at 150 mph and can easily descend through the Cajon pass and connect with all parts of southern California and with the proposed high speed rail systems and allow much shorter routes for them. Is anyone interested in this elegant solution?

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I support the maglev system over the steel rail system. There are no surface rail systems that do not require a public subsidy to continue in operation. That is more tax dollars from you so that others can ride. The L.V. Monorail revenue supports its operation and maintenance costs and nets about 30% more.

I would prefer less than one hour from L.A., Ontario, or Anaheim. I would not drive to Victerville and then pay for a train ticket.

If Maglev is not an option, monorails can be developed that match the 150 mph speed and they can continue throughout the L.A. area. I have studied the potential routes and L.A. County has confirmed that they are viable.

Monorail MAY pay for its own operation, surface or steel rail will require your tax money for as long as it operates.

At your Service,
Brian C. Brooks

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