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May 20, 2011

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Great idea. Government is involved (and has been well before Obama and crew) in all forms of energy, miltary activities, roads and transportation, auto industry, medical and medicines, aerospace and commercial airlines, education, agriculture and farming, the internet, water supply, forestry, mining and lots of others. Where would you like to start? I would like to stop subsidies for big oil first, since the top 5 US oil companies made $150 billion in profits last year and are the biggest lobbying force in Washington. Why should they continue to get subsidies?

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To Sgt Rock

The project can store solar energy and provide firm supply clean energy day or night (read the press releases). The project won a competitive bid with NV Energy and was awarded the contract based on winning the competition against other bidders. Today, Solar energy is cheaper than clean coal (although not really clean) and nuclear with only current low natural gas prices providing cheaper electricity, but natural gas is the most volatile fuel out there. Today's natural gas price was 10 times higher 7 or 8 years ago and will be there again if all we do is use natural gas. SolarReserve is a relatively small company, so I expect your salary estimates are 5 or 10 times too high. However, big oil company CEOs or big utility CEOs certainly make multiples of your salary estimate.

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To "By Future"

The nuclear plant in Georgia recieved an $8.9 billion DOE loan guarantee from the US government under the same program that the solar project received less than 1/10 of that. Since when do we think we should provide help to multi-billion dollar utilities rather than entreprenuers with new technologies. Oh and I can guarnatee the power from the solar project will be cheaper than nuclear over the life of the project.

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To Carmine and Jerry Fink.
The fact is that all forms of energy in the US recieve governement subsidies. Why should renewable energy be starved in favor of dirtier technologies. The oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear industries have recieved decades and decades of subsidies amounting to hundreds (and hundreds) of billions of dollars. They still receive those subsidies today in the form of tax credits, low interest loans, tax deductions for foreign activities and other forms. Most of those subsidies for conventional energy are permanently imbedded in the tax codes. Congress tried to eliminate $2.0 billion in oil industry subsidies a few months ago and it was blocked by the house. Every nuclear plant in the US is insured by you and me (the US taxpayers) against catastrophic accidents because the utilities can't afford or justify the premiums (see Price-Anderson Act of 1957!). Natural gas fracking was developed with support from the DOE. These technologies also don't get charged for the pollution they create or the military costs (including lives) necessary to protect our interest in the Middle East. Understand where your tax dollars are going when you side with old technologies that are doing the very things you say you are against.

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Unfortunately, Tom's letter is filled with a number of significant inaccuracies. Nevada's retail electric prices are approximately 13 cents per kilowatt hour and will escalate at volatile fuel costs over the coming decades, ignoring any negative pollution affects. The Tonopah project's electricity price where made public by the Sun and other papaers with the cost identified as 13.5 cents per kilowatt hour escaling at 1% per year for 25 years.

The funding from the Department of Energy was a loan guaranatee under a loan where the project owner is required to repay the loan plus more than $300 million in interest payments.

The is the first project built in the US with this technology. How competitive was the first nuclear plant? Nuclear and "clean coal" are not competitive with solar projects right now, even though hundreds of nuclear projects have been built.

While natural gas prices are low right now, they were 5 time today's costs just 5 or 6 years ago and have a long track record of high volatility, more volatile than oil. Creating a dependence on a single fuel for electricity, heating, transporation is not an intelligent strategy.

Tom, it's fine to criticize solar and wind and other alternatives if you are happy with the wild ride of gas, coal, and oil; but at least try and do so with correct facts and not with blatent inaccuracies.

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