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Nov. 12, 2009

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This shooter will be doing some time. Since the thief's were leaving they we no longer a threat to the shooter. The shooter acted recklessly and it is a good thing that it happened this early on a Sunday morning because innocent people could have been hurt. The shooter is an idiot and just makes the argument easier for more gun laws. This doesn't sound like self defense to me.

(Suggest removal) 3/14/10 at 4:45 p.m.

Before spending money(that we don't have) building more plants they should reslove the issue of storing nuclear waste. It is putting the cart in front of the horse.

This is a press release from the white house Feb. 16,2010.
Washington D.C. --- Underscoring his Administration's commitment to jumpstarting the nation's nuclear power industry, President Obama today announced that the Department of Energy has offered conditional commitments for a total of $8.33 billion in loan guarantees for the construction and operation of two new nuclear reactors at a plant in Burke, Georgia. The project is scheduled to be the first U.S. nuclear power plant to break ground in nearly three decades.

(Suggest removal) 2/26/10 at 8:22 p.m.

One thing about Boyle, on Jan 21, 2010 during an interview he said the Obama administration is doing the same thing. It is a little lengthy but interesting.
" "Also, most regretfully, the new Obama administration has publicly stated that it will continue the Accused's policy and practice of "extraordinary rendition," which is really their euphemism for enforced disappearances of human beings and consequent torture by other States. Hence the Highest Level Officials of the Obama administration fully intend to commit their own Crimes against Humanity under the I.C.C. Rome Statute -- unless you stop them! Your opening an investigation of my Complaint will undoubtedly deter the Obama administration from engaging in any more "extraordinary renditions" -- enforced disappearances of human beings and having them tortured by other States. Indeed your opening of an investigation into my Complaint might encourage the Obama administration to terminate its criminal "extraordinary rendition" program immediately and thoroughly by means of issuing a public statement to that effect. In other words, your opening an investigation of my Complaint could very well save the lives of a large number of additional human beings who otherwise will be subjected by the Obama administration to the Rome Statute Crimes against Humanity of enforced disappearances of persons and their consequent torture by other States, inter alia. The lives and well-being of countless human beings are now at risk, hanging in the balance, waiting for you to act promptly, effectively, and immediately to save them from becoming Victims of Rome Statute Crimes against Humanity perpetrated by the Highest Level Officials of the Obama administration as successors-in-law to the Accused by opening an investigation of my Complaint. Otherwise, I shall be forced to file with you and the I.C.C. a follow-up Complaint against the Highest Level Officials of the Obama administration. I certainly hope it will not come to that. Please make it so. Finally, for reasons more fully explained in the Conclusion to my Complaint, I respectfully request that you obtain I.C.C. arrest warrants for the Accused in accordance with Rome Statute articles 58(1)(a), article 58(1)(b)(i), article 58(1)(b)(ii), and article 58(1)(b)(iii). The sooner, the better for all humankind". "

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'The going rate for a bed is about $100 per night, Chambers said -- money that other jurisdictions will pay to Henderson for the city to house its inmates.'
This is why it would be good to consolidate the jurisdictions. Probably wouldn't have spent the money to build a jail expansion if Henderson wasn't going to profit from it.

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Thanks LarryVegas. The facts speak for themselves. What is real scary is how people allow themselves to be told by somone else what is real, instead of looking at the data. I guess there is no entertainment in reading facts, it can be boring. When I see something interesting from an outside entertainment source, I research it. Both sides embelish to cater to their listeners and in the end it only divides us more.

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