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February 25, 2017

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Aug. 21, 2010

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If it took Wayne's neighors that long to notice a jet plane was being trucked in, how much impact is the whole plan going to effect their neighborhood? That is a very busy area,so I doubt its impact will be significate to the area.

As too other comments about his financial situation. Like many he is working to right his ship, and leave somthing behind that shows his work, his compassion, his love of the life he's enjoyed. Like many here in Las Vegas and in the USA are in financial straights and we all do what we have to, too turn it around! Yes, it's a gamble. But, that is what made Las Vegas in the first place? Regardless of mistakes that put us in our postions, we use our best bets to turn it around. I wish him well in his quest to right his ship, weather he's Mr. Vegas, or Wanye Newton, or just another man doing the best he knows how to leave more for his family, friends and fans!

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