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June 16, 2010

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Fredette will do well in the NBA. He won't have teams double-teaming him and game-planning for him alone. He also won't have to carry a team like he does now (who else penetrates for them and makes plays?)

He might whine a bit, but he's a class act. He isn't a showboating prick like Hobson and doesn't have brushes with the law like so many others. I look forward to him proving all the ignorant haters wrong at the next level.

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Except for 2 seasons in the last several decades, utah has been mediocre in football, and they've become average in basketball. I agree they'll be in the bottom tier of their new conference. Kind of an odd pick, although it technically gives the pac10 the slc market, where byu probably has an even greater foothold.

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Dad: Fair enough on the exam point, but the article still points to an unwillingness of ff to help out in the least bit. The exam "concession" would have ultimately decreased overtime costs, but of course the ff's wanted something in return for such a gargantuan sacrifice.

Sisolak said it best:

"Why do they always have to get something for helping the taxpayer save money or helping out their own members?" Sisolak said. "This isn't asking to cut their vacation days. It's to add an exam so we can have some firefighters ready to become engineers."

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proud: why is it that when county officials tried to hire new ff's, the union refused? The union whines about the dept being understaffed, and then when the county actually tries to improve ff staffing, the hypocrites balk. It's so obvious: the ff's have gotten used to the extra $$ that comes from the OT scheme they have collectively built up.

Also, you're right. The "public needs an open forum to discuss this..." Unfortunately, the ff union -- and their commission puppets like Collins and Chris G -- agreed to a totally closed negotiation process, which is another point of contention with the public: why are other PUBLIC contract talks transparent but the firefighters are exempt? It's taxpayer money, but again, it's a mentality that is frankly patronizing.

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I doubt TCU goes to the big 12, as the conf already owns the Dallas/FW market, but who knows in this ridiculous conference tiddlywinks. Just give us a college football playoff, please, and quit playing musical chairs.

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