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Dec. 10, 2009

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Phargo, I understand the way the pdf looks but the average is skewed. Hence the words - most,many and all.It's like saying all NBA players are thugs or all of a certain race are lazy! I know a hotel pool atendants that made 60 K and worked only seven months. Is that right? Did they deserve it? I don't know. I do know a 44K janitor took 8-10 years to get to that pay and started at probably 18k. How much did the pool attendant make in those 10yrs or the Valet parker? Valet parkers wouldn't tell you what they make just in case you might be IRS. It's easy to attack us because there is disclosure.

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I love the way everyone wants to blame the lazy overpaid government worker for everything from their spoiled babies in public school to the downturn of the economy. It's really funny how quick things can change. It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that three years ago many were out flipping houses, obtaining double and triple mortgages, buying cars, toys and generally spending like there was no tomorrow. You thought it would never end. Pockets full of tips, all the overtime construction companies could give out, all the money we could make and spend Woo Hoo! Now it's Boo Hoo.
I for one didn't buy a bigger house, I didn't buy three suv's for my kids. What I did do was sit on interview boards for a local government and watch people laugh at me when I explained the starting salary and compensation. Probably some of the same people that are whining right in this blog. You see most of them didn't want to start at the bottom and take a pay cut. They were too spoiled they wanted top pay, top benefits right away. They were making too much at casinos, working construction or anywhere else that was raking in the money at the time. Most of you will never know the real story that most of the municipal workers are hard working and the ones that have some tenure probably had to work two jobs to make ends meet once they decided to go into government. Most are not overpaid. Many make a living wage. Some at the bottom do not. It's really not fair to say we are ALL overpaid unless you have been where we have been. Maybe better paid than you right now in this moment but, over a career on average you would be wrong.

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