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February 24, 2017

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Dec. 11, 2008

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As someone who is a moderate and truly detests the views of the extreme right or extreme left, it seems obvious that far too many protesting this verdict watched zero percent of live testimony. They obviously got their information from sound bites on the news or by word of mouth. The MSM used tactics such as misrepretation and half truths, commonly used by Fox News and Hate Radio, to distort the picture. Uh, Travon Martin wasn't 12 or 15 years old so why keep showing that picture? Anyone who watched all the testimony would have come to the same not guilty verdict if they had an open mind. The case was never even close to proven. The prosecution put on the worst collective group of prosecution witnesses I have ever seen. The whole case was an uphill battle before it began and became almost unwinnable after the damage done by Rachel Jeantel perjurying herslf and copping the attitude. The police waited to charge Zimmerman because no case ever existed. It is a rare event when I think a defendant is not guilty.

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Much like the NBA All-star game, If these events never returned to Las Vegas it would be fine with me. The money either of these events may have brought in is not enough to offset everything else they bring

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Looks like a much better out of conference schedule than last year. Good to see. I think it can only help in the long run

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I was hoping the new hire would be an experienced D-1 coach who could help Rice grow with in game adjustments. Since Rice is still a relatively new coach it is not unexpected that he is not on a par at making these adjustments like the top coaches in the Mountain West. Recruiting is not a problem with this staff as they are excellent at it. X and O adjustments are the glaring weaknesses. If Rice does listen to his coaches (which I am not sure he does)then he must listen mostly to Heath Shroyer who was just a terrible head coach at Wyoming and the worst Wyoming had since Joby Wright.

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I don't know the facts as to whether this was a recreational drug issue or if he got addicted from legally prescribed drugs after an accident. Becoming dependent on pain killers is not uncommon as Brett favre, Rush Limbaugh, and countless others can attest to. That doesn't relieve the officer of accountability but it can't just be assumed it was just a chance to get high

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