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February 25, 2017

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Chad Jeremy
Oct. 27, 2010

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After reading all of the comments on here, I notice we still have this Dem V.S. Rep or vice versa. Instead of this and the pointless banter from both sides, why not look at the issues,I mean that IS why one votes is it not.. The ISSUES at hand.

This IS truly one of the most important elections that the younger generation will have a "say" in. But no one is educating on the issues, only doing what has been done for years gone by, dividing by party lines.

You know I used to be a very liberal hard core Dem.... USED TO BE... and now you will say I am a right wing Well not so much, because I do not care for them as well.

Both parties have failed US. Both and there is no 2 ways to look at it. Now they will play the blame game, but in the end BOTH sides have failed.

Now is the time when your vote will truly count. Most everyone on here who has commented, weather Dem or Rep seem to be intelligent individuals with a brain capable of making decisions.

I honestly am no longer affiliated with any party anymore, and as of this moment until a party earns my trust and allows my voice to be heard, I will vote the underdog. I will vote for the one who has the good message and makes since,but might not have the funding in his or her campaign to speak as loud as the left or the right do.

I will vote for those who do not want to make a career out of politics but who want to represent ME and YOU.

I honestly do not see many good choices in this election.. I see lots of people scared to death that their seat and power will be taken.

If in 2012 I run into this same problem with the Presidential race, I will simply write in, Pedro.

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