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Oct. 18, 2012

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I drive for one of the Frias cab companies. I agree that there is a reason to drop seniority. That is because many of the senior drivers just do enough to stay in the average and not work for more than that. Some drivers go to the airport before planes come in to sleep for a few hours.

The problem is it should not be based on how much they book. This is awarding the long-haulers. If this happens Frias will be like Nellis and Dessert where drivers are forced to long-haul to keep their jobs.

The company says they are not forcing long-hauling. If not, why in the contract are they giving the top 10% a $500 yearly bonus.

Their bid matrix is not bad but still bent to the long-haulers to get the best cabs and shifts.

Also with all the money they make from advertising, their new venture Roll Deals and from the transportation fleet, they will not contribute to a 401K plan they are offering unless they take it from the drivers to give it back in the 401K

Frias top, Mark James is only concerned on his bonus and bottom line and the hell with the drivers and their income.

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