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Oct. 27, 2010

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Death by a vacuum cleaner? That sucks!!!!

(Suggest removal) 3/14/13 at 1:02 a.m.

My take on this. First- "Old Tricks are the best tricks." - General Munro, played by Brion James [The Fifth Element (1997)]

As a former Deputy Registrar of Voters, allow me to take a non-partisan approach?

If the allegations are true, these people should be doing time with OJ Simpson. The bribing of the public or "incentivization by the few" of votes is a debasement of one of the critical systems that makes this country great. It is not a state secret that political parties would serve free beer, sausages and hot dogs or maybe a free turkey or ham, in order to get people to vote, in a given direction.

Considering the economy and the desperation of some, one has to ask, "Why not hand these folks out a bag of groceries, with a "Vote for {insert candidate's name here}?" If the Attorney General of a state, is going to turn a blind-eye, hopefully the people would realize they would not be in this position of accepting gratuities, if the current state of the economy has been getting better.

I regret to say, that based upon the reports I have heard about the electronic voting machines and the people who are servicing them, specifically members of the SEIU, there is a direct conflict of interest, which should be addressed.

I happen to object to early voting and support a single day for voting, known as "Election Day." I find this to be a lazy way out of doing one's "civic duty" and has contributed to the fraudlent activities within the system. I believe in the use of absentee ballots and laws in the states where I live, make statutory allowances to allow it's respective citizens a window of time, usually two hours, to vote ON ELECTION DAY. By having a specific day for elections and allowing a specific period of time, say 30 days for voter registration, before Election Day, this significantly mitigates the possibility of voter fraud.

If a person can't get off their tail and perform their "civic duty," on Election Day or obtain an absentee ballot, something is critically wrong with our system and values.

As far as these voting machines are concerned, go back to IBM punch cards and hold the voter responsible for ensuring that there are no chips, sometimes referred to as "hanging chads," are present.

"Voter intent" and being "denied to vote" are two very clear and different elements. People who vote, need to accept responsibilities for their actions and quit their whining because of a failure on their part to ensure that their voting is correct and was done properly.

As far as these voting machines go, they've got to go!!!

By the way, has anybody seen James O'Keefe? This would certainly make great reporting, if the allegations are true.

(Suggest removal) 10/27/10 at 2:14 a.m.

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