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Sept. 3, 2010

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Maybe she can snuggle with Ellen and Rosie and they will have a boo-hoo about it!

(Suggest removal) 9/3/10 at 9:30 p.m.

Her first words to the police were passing blame on the Wynn Hotel employees when she was busted! Liar should be banned for that alone, however Gaming Commision Regulations have the REQUIREMENT to keep the Known Drug offenders who have possessed INSIDE businesses operating to be prohibited from returning or lose the license to operate. Good Riddance, I would love to hear the truth about how the 'heiress' scheme is taking the known funds from people who died who they are NOT related to, nor are they in Wills and Probates to have them claimed by Hiltons.
Some Heiress" Animaniac Joke.

(Suggest removal) 9/3/10 at 9:26 p.m.

What politicians have done to erase the Foundations of Hope and Charitable Hearts which even employers would Love to Embrace upon in tight financial times is painfully present on the Earths surface worldwide. The fees and fines for advances and prepayment for services with trusted contracts being struck down and invalidated by those who prefer the buildings and houses sit empty boarded, locked and barren with homelessness on High Alert, yet ignored. Some have forgotten it IS A SIN to treat humans this way, particularly when the violations in The Court System is PLAGUED with Deficits occurring and also what the IRS has overlooked as Salaries were voted to be higher than the Law written had previously allowed. Why was a Stimulus requested? Some prefer to fight in court as they choose to strike down any Law which would encarcerate them for their crimes, therefore Erased the Bonds which would Imprison the Elected and Appointed Judiciary with a Free ticket to Ride on Scrutiny with their personal accounts.
With regard to managing a bank account; some may be ignorant to Banking in Finance in recent years as other interfere with the Depository and at the whim of a pen amounts being deposited, even from SSA have been changed at others request to alter the amounts of Insurance withheld, rules changed for supporting ex-spouses and children or previous debts which some have chosen to alter the amount of monthly living from SSA without caring for ones Life NEEDS! Banking Fees and %'s, are a joke when thieves are changing the rules.
Deplorable: Fining by officials of those who wish to Feed the Homeless citing those feeding less than 25 are law-breakers, trying to write a NEW code and press more garbage through the unnecessary creeps who wish to carry citation books around and look like fools in the eyes of Humanitarians. If my family were having a picnic in the park, prepared an extra sandwich or piece of fruit, and shared this extra food with a stranger, it WOULD NOT BE A CRIME, yet the news reports people receiving citations for the same thing. What filthy people have overtaken the Enforcement of Health and Human Services? Shame on them!
The Days of People helping others looks bleak, dark and sad. As a writer, I am certain he is also finding a difficult time seeking creativity when it is needed and I hope he finds comfort within the Community.

(Suggest removal) 9/3/10 at 6:56 p.m.

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