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February 21, 2017

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Oct. 22, 2010

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This is another thing I find disturbing about the tea baggin' clan - they can't *even* get their alleged good-guy historical figures straight. (Just ask Texas!)

Oliver Cromwell said "Keep your faith in God but keep your powder dry." He also said "Necessity has no law". Silly me, I thought our nation was one of law and justice, not men.

For more information about Oliver Cromwell, go search for yourself. "His measures against Catholics in Scotland and Ireland have been characterized as geonicidal & in Ireland he is widely hated."

Great role model, there, dude.

Point being, and another mark against voting for Angle, is she doesn't believe in our rule of law in this country. It is supremely unfortunate how some people who love to talk about the Constitution, aren't at all familiar with it.

She is not for government, unless it's providing her pension and her free health care, and footing the bill for her to pretend to be able to represent the state. Wow !

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Wow. Just, ow. Are my fellow Nevadans actually considering voting for Sharron Angle? Well from reading the R-J, one might think so. lol

I know I'm sort of echoing what has already been said..but seriously. I appeal to you all here to please get out and vote your conscience on Nov. 2nd.

Nevada already has one seriously defective Senator, and it ain't Harry Reid. Mr. Ensign is a red hot embarrassment and when was the last time you heard about something he's done for the state? Other than laying low. Thanks, Mr Republican Senator.

In Sharron Angle, you'll get one more of those. Except for voting No on everything - her *record* of not working well with others when she served in the legislature - how far do you think that will take Nevada in the next two, crucial years?


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