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Jan. 12, 2008

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Gibbons should be kicked out of office for pulling off an illegal tax reduction on his personal property. At a time when he keeps yelling "no new taxes", he certainly means for himself, as well. He owes $1,900 a year in property tax on those 40 acres near Elko. The fact he won't pay it means he's stealing tax money from the good citizens of Elko County who have to make up the difference in costs for government services and programs. Under state law, individual land owners ONLY can apply for an ag-land tax break. Gibbons' 40 acres cannot produce the $5,000/year income that qualifies for the reduction. Where is the Attorney General on this? The law is the law. The Elko Assessor tried to enforce it. Instead he got a visit from John "The Hammer" Marvel, Jr. to ensure that people of privilege get their way.

(Suggest removal) 9/15/08 at 12:35 p.m.

As usual, Gov. Gibbons is trying to look like a white knight despite his long string of political and personAL screw ups. It's highly stupid to demand Loux's resignation at EXACTLY the moment the state needs him the most. For 23 years he's led the fight against one of the biggest threats to the state of Nevada. I don't have any faith that Gibbons will keep any of that in mind, since he's so self-absorbed in his own tiny little world, but I would hope the Commission would simply reprimand, maybe even fine Loux, but then tell him to get back to work and STOP THE DUMP!

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Bob, Bob,'re smarter than that. What a dumb move...cry-man-eee man....

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In short, Nevada can no longer afford it's childish and short-sighted approach to dealing with crime. We would hope that Nevada would do the right thing about true rehabilitation because of a thoughtful, moral approach. But, no...not the "Battle Born" state. We think with our fist! Well, ladies and gentlemen of Nevada, it's come down to this. We can't afford our fist! So let's do what we CAN afford. Treat each other like adults and focus on education, healthy families and a smart, growing economy where crime automatically takes a back seat, instead of hijacking the car.

(Suggest removal) 9/8/08 at 8:40 a.m.

No he's never had a job like you...however, you talk like you've never been outside the Nevada state lines where national and world definitions of hard work, true compassion, supporting families, and community salvaging go on everyday. And just because you don't know about it, or don't like it doesn't make you right, except in your political extremism, of course.

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