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February 24, 2017

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Dec. 10, 2008

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Who cares about Robin Hood? I'm wondering what the fallout of this robbery will be? Will casinos change their security procedures? Some casinos accept chips from other casinos. Think anyone is accepting Bellagio chips now? It's interesting that the robber got away clean. How much are those chips really worth to him? If he could even 'wash' them for 1% of their face value, he'd wind up with $15k. Is that worth robbing a casino?

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I'm sorry Mr. Samuelson, but race car driving is NOT a sport.

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It's the beginning of the end for the Trop. It will be imploded within the next 5 years.

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Must agree that this 'article' reads like an advertisement. But I must also say that I wish Steve Wynn luck with Encore. I have always had good experiences staying at Wynn properties. They treat people with respect, even the little guys like myself. I probably won't stay at Encore because it is a little bit nicer than I need. But Encore will have the desirable effect of putting downward pressure on the room rates of the properties I do stay at, including the Venetian and now The Wynn!

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The Mirage needs a LOT more than a new volcano to rekindle their business. They need to train the people at the front desk on how to deal with customers. It doesn't matter how nice the casino, rooms, and other amenities are when you treat customers like garbage at check-in. The LAST time I stayed (and I mean LAST), I checked in on a Sunday afternoon around 1 pm. That's early, I know. But 9 out of 10 times Vegas hotels can find me the room I'm looking for at 1 pm. I made the reservation weeks prior, requesting a King bed. Got a very good rate too. At check-in I was told that there are no rooms with King beds available AND that NONE would become available later in the day. She was telling me they were all spoken for, which of course is rubbish. She offered me a room with a king bed if I upgraded (more $$$ of course). Otherwise I'd have to wait for a room with 2 smaller beds. I chose to wait. After making a few entries on her keyboard, she said a King had just become available, but wouldn't be clean until after 4 pm. Actually it became available around 5 pm. The receptionist's approach was to try to upsell me which didn't work. Her reaction was to ruin my first day in Vegas. Her only objective was to make herself look good by getting me to purchase a more expensive room. She didn't care at all that I would leave Vegas with very bad feelings about the Mirage, would never want to stay there again, and would pass bad word of mouth to my friends. It's possible that no king beds were available at 1 pm. In that case she should have apologized for the delay, put me in a queue, and got me the room ASAP (maybe by 2 pm). Telling lies to try to 'extort' more $$$ from me was very, low class behavior. Does that sound like the kind of place you want to stay at? Does a nice volcano makeup for that kind of treatment? No way. I hope they go out of business.

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